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Destroyable Object Tut?

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I've search on this forum and also google to find a complete tut on "how to make a destroyable object".

The only thing I have found is a list with all the meshes there need to be but I want to know more.

I have seen one on this site before but I think it has been lost when the home page where moved.

The old tut I have seen was a tut where you could make your onw destroyable bridge.

Thanks to any help there will be :D

Yours sincerely Gaasehud/CAS.

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Alright, well first you need to setup the object hierarchy like a bundledmesh - not a staticmesh -including the three col meshes and a BF2BundledMesh texture applied to the main geom. The object should end with the suffix _DestroyableObject as well to setup the tweak properly. (You can also go back into the tweak after export and invoke it as a DestroyableObject there too).

Make a second geom1_wreck under the same root as the original object which will hold your wreck meshes. The wreck also needs bundlemesh textures and col meshes. In that thread you found, follow the hierarchy shown for standard BF2 destroyable objects like the fuel wagon. It would also help a lot to go find the fuel wagon in the BF2 files to see how they set that up.

When you get it in the Editor and map materials etc, check for the property isDestructible to be turned out and then add an Armor component. This will give it hit points, explosion effects, an armor material, time to stay wrecked values, etc etc. Again, looking at other objects that blow up will help a lot. In the very bottom right of the Object Editor, you'll find some options to check it out in its wrecked state.

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