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2142 already have a weather system but I want to do something extreme with it.

Lets say that I have a map with the heaviest snow weather (I think is 5 but w/e) this map also include strong fog wich mimic the effect of a storm. And then I want to add another weather effect wich make the weather far more extreme.

Translation: I want to make an area in the weather where is far worst. Maybe I can use trigger/rable or I read somewhere that I could do that by editing "smoke". In this area, the wind would blow (Im searching for wav 4 that 2) the player would see almost nothing (like in a real blizzard).

Extra: I also want to add extra to the effect. In the blizzard the player's stamina will be drain so he wont be able to run, maybe even adding a cought wav to the player and also maybe making a new effect like the one of the emp/cloak. Like Ice on the hud.

I have no idea how to make that and I would appreciate any USEFULL help.

Ω extra: I want to add flare to vehicle. So they can see in the dark and actually, within the storm. I know that the vehicle dont even have light glass but I can alway mimic it by editing the texture. Or if someone want to edit the current vehicles models 4 me.

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