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Soldier Creation Check List Plz!


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I've posted many topics and hopefully this time no one takes offense as if I'm asking stupid questions. Although there is no such thing as a stupid question. If someone dont know any better than advice is needed !I was looking to re-skin soldiers but you are very limited to what you can do and it is a very cheap method . I can model meshes like nothing. So thats not a prob...But what stalls me is how do you set the soldier up for the editor? If there is a way a checklist could be made that would be awesome. You guys have gotten me and many really far and that my friends is fucking awesome. This may seem like a lot to ask so take your time I dont expect answers in a few mins.

-3ds Max Tutorials-

1. The soldier creation - what all meshes, gizmos, bones and dummys are needed for the editor?

2. The texturing - The proper file type for the Textures? What shader technique do you use? How many uvw map channels?

3. The bf2 editor - How to name and put the textures and meshes in the right folder for your mod ?

4. Animations - How to give the custom soldier default animations.(running,jumping,walking)

Sorry...And I have read a bunch of great tutorials on the creation of the soldier.. These Questions are the topics left out or not needed in the ones I have read!Plz I need to create my custom soldiers.Could someone lead me in the right direction for I am a one man team about to go public with this. I am making a full custom mod just using the engine.

Your credit and links will be included in my site as a way of showing appreciation. P.O.E. has met their match.lol!

Here is a few screen shots of some of the models and Atmosphere.

-Battlefield 2 End of Days-











Thnx for everything bf2editor.org.

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1. Have a look at the hierachy help thread where we have a soldier heirachy. All in that picture is needed. A successful export of a soldier requires:

a Maximum of 26 bones skinned to one mesh. To accomplish this, you will need to split up both your 1P soldeir and the 3P mesh into three parts. I use 2 meshes for 1P ( left arm , right arm) and 4 Meshes for the 3P soldier : body , head , left arm, right arm. If every thing goes well you will end up with no mesh requiring more than 26 bones.

Your 3P soldier needs to be skinned to the imported 3P skeleton (or you use rexman's example scene to obtain it) and the 1P model to the 1P skeleton. The most tedious work is this skinning. You mustn't leave out a single vertex, each one needs to be weigthed to a bone (with a maximum of 2 bones affecting one vertex) . The skeletons stay in the export scene.

2. SkinnedMeshes use 'tangent' techniques. A good material in Max could e.g. have the name 'soldier_material||mec_tangent' . The bump map needs to be of type ObjectSpace and is not easily created. Only channel 1 is used, like on BundledMeshes.

3. As texture pathes are coded in the meshes, your textures need to be placed in the right spot before assgining them in Max and exporting. Use a place inside the /objects folder. Some ppl prefer to export to the rawData folder, i prefer to directly export into the mod (e.g. /objects/soldiers/GER/ ) in my mod directory. To cut absolute texture paths make sure to run the basic setup of the 3DS tools for BF2.

4. Only one skeleton can be used for all soldiers. (BF2 doesn't contain a second set of triggers ) . This means that all your soldiers will share the same animation set. Creating animations is handled in more depth in these video tutorials. http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=7081

Junk describes animating a weapon but the basic system of course is the same. IK Solvrs and Link constraints shuold be used to get a natural connection between bones and movement restrictions.

If you skinned your soldier to the origianl BF2 skeleton you can use the default animations for now.

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just asking ..............if i was to create my soldiers would you want to take partenership in enableing them for export if i give you the max files I will definately mention your help on my site that is coming here soon! I can also figure things out better with a max file.If that is not much to ask.

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it takes weeks to make soldiers ...........wow!

which is it the modeling or the setup that gets you.lol

modleing is easy but the hard thing is the setup especially if you dont know.thats what i was trying to figure out.I could do it myself if i find out but it seems its a hard topic to find.i figured if someone could show me an example max file i would figure it out then. the download for the soldier creation tutorial is in maya terms so it doesnt help me much.if there was one in max i prolly wouldnt need help but that is not the case.I found one tut that shows how to make and texture but it does not show the details that comes afterward.

anyway what the hell is wrong with asking someone if they want to help. Its not like im a threat in the mod world! I am not stupid in the graphics dept.I know too much to be sitting at home doing this shit.Im just in a bad location as far as jobs go for this.check out my website damienlb.com and you will see my work maybe you guys will understand what i am about and not a joke!Ill even help on modding as far as that goes-Starving artist if you understand!Im just fucked as far as a job goes.sry went on a rant im drinkin too many beers!lol!

Anyay sry....whats the links to the max tools i need to create the soldiers and ill figure out the rest.

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Its always the same,once ppl know how to make some models they think they are ready. Wrong !

The most time consuming part is to make a model export-ready. Player models cost a lot of time as i mentioned above 'cause a reasonable weighting of vertices keeps you busy for a full day or two, depending on how fast you get the idea behind it.

I'm busy with my own mod (we have 3 playermodels and 4 armies ) and we're running our first semi-public testing now, so no way i could help you.

If you're working on human soldiers, you're probably better of by reskinning the existing ones, especially if yours is a one-man mod.

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Buddy Ive been doing modeling for years It has taken me over 9 years and college to do what I can do today. Ive been animating cartoons ,shorts and doing graphic design for a long time in flash,max and adobe products ! So I will admit I dont know shit on getting models ready for export.I'm new to the game making stuff although I know what I need to know as far as modeling and such but Im still learning scripting and rigging.Thats usually someone elses job :)I can whip out the meshes like nothing.

I work with audio/ video,modeling , texturing and animating . Spent years on it so I knew it all and didn't have to ask nobody to help or depend on somebody else - I profit for just me - And I am feeling so foolish for asking someone else to do my work.Your right.. work on your own. I might ask a shitload of questions about exporting because I dont know what the bf2 editor requires for export.An example mesh setup is all I would need to understand and If you know of a tutorial that has one for max that would be great.btw If I know how to do computer animating I know exactly how to create bones , skin and texturing ....I just dont know what exactly what the editor wants.Thats all!Im the visual artist needing to know programing.

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I got a sample file for max at the doomlab bf2 tuts and stuff .

do i have to have the bones for the face like left eyelid and such if i dont need them for my model.

and does this sample just need a good mesh and then im in business. or is there more to it ..I see the pose for 1st person view do i need a second mesh for this. also there is only the index and ring fingers on the 3rd person pose ---im confused.

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Sounds like you're getting it. Yes, you need to duplicate the arms for the 1p view and skin them to the 1p skeleton parts. There is only the thumb and 2 fingers for the 3p animation. This is due to any one skinnedmesh having a bone limit of 26. I was unsuccessful in combining multiple meshes with more bones in each piece.

Son't call people that are helping you "Look Buddy!". Ya know? You like, want our help or not?

Tell you what, because I'm so universally renowned as a nice guy, I'll give you the skelly mod export scene. The mesh isn't what's important, it's the setup. You can deduct from a simple mesh what needs to be skinned on yours, right? Do you have experience weighting a mesh to a skeleton? You've certainly made it seem that way. This part is no different, all the tools are in effect that you are used to using. There is a major important rule and that is that for any ONE vertex, you can only have influence across TWO bones. Any weighting of a vert to 3 or more bones (say bicep/shoulder/collar area) you will see the entire mesh stretch to infinite coordinates in random directions. Expect that to happen, be ready and just go in a massive hunt for that issue because it is the only thing I've seen to cause this problem.

Also, you need to be DAMN sure that your mesh is reset in the scale before you apply the skin modifier. Afterwards, resizing the mesh is an impossible task requiring you to reassign the modifier. You can copy the weight settings to save time, but you have to ditch the modifier and put back on a new one. You CAN'T copy the one you have, reset the scale and then paste it back into the stack.

I can go for hours and hours about rules here dude. See what you've done? Blanket questions suck for us man. Let's get specific. How about you actually make an attempt and then report what happens instead of refusing to budge at the starting line while you're complaining about how far the finish line is. You say you're not new to this, but you're kinda acting like it.

Here! Good luck and let us know when you need more help.

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  • 1 month later...

No, that won't work. When you use the Doomlab tools to import e.g. the '3P_setup.ske' you should end up with all bones being pyramids - and they need to stay like that. The exporter has no way of distinguishing between bones and meshes if the bones are not pyramids and gets confused, probably exporting garbage (if any) . Don't assign materials to the pyramids, don't convert them to anything different than pyramids.

In fact when exporting a soldier, the skeleton will not be exported with him, but the skin modifier will, including its weigthing. Thats the reason for the skeleton being still in the scene while exporting.

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Yes, bundledmesh is right for skinnedmeshes.

Note the usage of the geom's : geom0 is the 1P model , only the arms in a typical BF2 setup. geom0 doesn't have higher lods than lod0 for soldiers .

geom1 is the 3P model - this geom tree provides up to 3 lods (lod0 to lod2) . The lodmodels can be created using either MultiRes or optimize modifiers, but they need their own skin modifiers and weigthing.

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Okay, skinning complete, material applied. Dummys created, exported successfully. My model is third of the US army (us_medium_soldier). It's now tweaked. In one of levels (Init.con) i set this model as default for Specops. But... Just look:


It is skinning problem? In 3ds max all the animations worked fine...

Here is hierarchy:


And tweak file:


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1. This looks definitely like a problem with skinning. You have either missed to reset transforms or scales before you started to skin. I also wonder about the bone limit. In your hierachy you're only having one mesh ? This will surely break the limit of only 26 bones per mesh. Detach one of the arms , name it 'Mesh_1' or similar and parent it to the 'us_medium_soldier' in the geom0 ( 1P ) tree.

The problem is worse in the geom1 (3P) . In my soldier models i decided to split the soldier into 4 meshes : Torso, Left Arm, Right Arm and Head. Use one of the meshes as Parent to the three others. By this you make sure you don't need more than 26 bones per mesh. In fact, the geom0 meshes have exactly 26 bones in my setup.

Check out the hierachy of my soldier in the hierachy thread. This is a working hierachy and the soldiers are thouroughly tested by now :D


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The limit haven't been reached. This model is really low detailed, and it have all 4 fingers as one, for example. So, there is no need to use all bones. The geom1 (3P) is splitted to two parts, because there was error, that i used too many bones for one mesh.

Scales, huh? So, if the model is much more bigger than skeleton i still can skin it at 100% scale?

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If you're working in metric , set the units to 0.1 meter. Else you should use generic units and use a 10:1 scale. A typical soldier would have 17.5 units heigth in GU's. Note that the skin modifier now pulls all vertices into their weigthed position.

This also means you have to do all reset and transform actions to the soldier meshes _before_ you start weigthing. You probably have to delete yours and then reset the meshes. Make sure all pivots meet in 0/0/0, right between the soldiers feet and align them to world.

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It have ~17,5 units, and all pivots meet in 0/0/0. The dummies don't have to be in center too?


Okay, I've got the problem, but don't know how to fix it.

The scale isn't a problem. It's rotating.

When I imported the mesh (maked in Milkshape) the model was in wrong position, laying face to ground. I rotated it, saved, and then skinned it. But in game, don't know why, it is rotating back to its first position.

How i noticed that? By making a gun, without bones. No matter, how I place the gun, it's always in the same position in game.

Do you know how to fix that? I would be thankful ;]

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thats what reset xform and reset transform and scale are for...like misch said a few times,reset then start wieghting...common mistake to make.


a simple tip i was given ages ago was...before skinning a soldier create a small box,set it at the origin 0/0/0,convert to editable poly then attatch the whole soldier model to it,then delete the faces of the box...then break down the model for hierachy and wieghting...this is a common trick used by the pro's in game developement...basicly it just garauntees the model will be its correct size and position once exported depending on if you have your units setup correctly.

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Sorry, I'm still learning English, and I think I just didn't understand something ^_^

Okay, I did it and it works! Thanks to you two!

So, the checklist should look like this:

1. Build or import a soldier mesh

2. Import a BF2 skeleton, both 1P & 3P

3. Scale, rotate and move your mesh to match it with the skeleton

4. Reset the mesh. Make sure, that all pivots meet at 0/0/0, and the mesh isn't rotated.

5. Assign material to mesh (BF2 BundledMesh)

6. Start skinning. If this is needed, split the mesh to more parts (Max. 26 bones to one mesh)

7. Rename meshes, create dummys and link them by the hierarchy

8. Using the BF2 Exporter, export the model.


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