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Adding Glow To A Solder

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Hi guys,

Been viewing this site for over a year now, I havnt need to sign up all my Qs have been answered with the search tool hehe.

I building a mod for BF2142 atm and im trying to add 2 glows to a solder as Red eyes how could this be done?

Cheers Burnouts

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Don't know if this helps, but in 2142 the hover tank has green glows for lights underneath the tank (to supposedly make it levitate).

Whats interesting is sometimes the hover tank will blow up and disappear, but leave the glows behind. So you have 6 glow effects

still on the map, which I call 'will-o-wisps'. Eventually they disappear.

If they could be bound to a moving vehicle like a tank, you should be able to bind them to the soldier vehicle.

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Try using static glows, like the glows of bf2, found in common\glow

A lot of my projectiles have a glow of one of those, it looks good.

Try that ;)


Oh wait, ehm, well I guess it is not possible to add glowing eyes to a soldier.

The problem is the soldier is a skinedmesh, and the exact coördinates of bodyparts are not given.

As example, you can't addtemplate something to the head.

What you can try, is editing the textures of the soldier heads.

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