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Saving Dds File Screwing Up.


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i just currently finished skinning an m-72 and this is very odd. i am on a different pc, but havent done anything different, and have exact same version of adobe photoshop cs2. What happens is when i save the image to a .dds, i re-open it to make sure it worked, but the image is all uhm. well the image is greatly altered as in it turns very bright with low contrast, my colors change and lose basically all detail ive put into it. maybe the images can help. i do apologize for not making sense im just jumping around trying to figure out why its doin this.




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I was just having the exact same problem, after some trial and error it was saving ok.

In normal map settings:

Height Genreation: 4 sample

Alpha Field: Set to 1.0

Height Source: Average RGB

Now in the image options:

Image Type: Color Map

And thats exactly how i've done, in the exact order.

Try that, good luck :)

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