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How Do You Work Maya?

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There's probably no way you can make the BF2 tools work on Maya 8.5 , as they were designed for Maya 6.0 (and afaik 6.0.1 will work , too)

These tools were created by Dice and with their waning mod support there will never be an update, i'm afraid.

If you're looking for a way to create models for BF2 / 2142 , you should have a look at gmax (its free ) or 3DS Max (its not) . Both programs are much better supported in terms of tools (and users)

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PLEASE HELP ME!!! i do not know how to use the Maya editor, and the tutorials are confusing, and i cant get the pictures to show what you are supposed to do. I NEED HELP!!!!!! please

You don't shell out 2000 dollars (or even 300 dollars for an academic version) just to ask how to use it on a game mod forum. You can't learn 3D modeling/animation overnight. I would highly consider that you thoroughly go through the documentation that came with Maya because, literally, there's a sh*tload, and it's quite comprehensive.

And no, anything higher than Maya 6.0.1 will not work with bf2 modding.

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