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Modeling And Unwrapping Tank Tracks


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Made simple. 56Kers Beware Lots of images.

Moderator mscho : Unfortunately all other links to this tutorial are down , so there's only a copy at


This is a DynDNS site but should be fairly reliable

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awesome tut there d-fast...its good you are willing to share your knowlage....its funny though i was just looking for a some info about making and uv mapping tank tracks.lol...thanx again...btw...i have checked out the poe site a few times...i like the renders man,the leapord tank and gepard look kick ass...oh and the mp7..ya guys have got some talent..keep up the good work

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You need to show all the line shapes you are using.

You should have the main line shape for your tracks, and a rectangle that tells the loft tool what thickness and width the tracks will be, this is the shape you click when lofting your tracks. Just look back through the tutorial you will figure it out. If you need more help let me know, I've been planning on making a vid tut for this, there is a trick or two that aren't explained in this tut by D-Fast that will help some new comers out. This tut is the best out there for tracks.

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Hmm, in this screenshot i see the track outline spline in the foreground , but no tooth spline ? the tooth spline should be a triangle with the base left out (like an upside down V ) . Now select your track outline spline, goto 'Loft' and apply the the tooth spline by selecting 'Use Shape'

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he thanks m8 it help'd me but i get this



any idea?

EDIT there no good but 1 track is 1872 poly any way to get less polygons on the tracks? the model whit our tracks is 1230 so only 2 track is 5616 poly!!! the poly count this way is 6842

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