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Downgrading To Maya 6?

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Well I've learned that only maya 6 is compatible with bf2... and source and unreal and basically everything else. So I'm wondering is it possible to downgrade to maya 6? I have 8.5. Or is there another program with a similar interface as maya? Because I tried Gmax and couldn't stand the interface, same with blender. And preferably something I can convert my maya files into.

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Downgrading is easy - uninstall Maya 8 and then install Maya 6 . But Maya 6 will probably not open the saved files from Maya 8 , so you need to export them to a format which can be read by version 6.

gmax, Max 7 and Max 9 can co-exist on a machine without interfering (like on my machine) but i have no idea if that works for Maya. So you can perhaps just leave your existing Maya 8 installation untouched and install an additional Maya 6.

Ow, on a sidenote, we don't have a lot of MAya gurus around here, so help for issues with that program might be rare.

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