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How To Get The Bf2 Editor Working With Vista


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Vista.Some hate it,some love it.I find it's okay but some things don't run so well.The BF2 Editor is one of those things.I have found a solution to the problems I encountered.They are probably not the best solutions,but it's all there is at the moment.

Step.1-Download and install

First download the Bf2 Edtior.You should now have an icon on your desktop.


Right click it and go to "properties"

Then go to "compatibility" and select "Run in compatibility mode for Windows XP(Service Pack 2)" and "Run as admin"


Run the install.

Step.2-Running the Editor

You should now have a new icon on your desktop.Right click it and go to "properties"

Then go to "compatibility" and select "Run in compatibility mode for Windows XP(Service Pack 2)" and "Run as admin"


Now start the Editor.

Step.3-Creating a level

Go to the Terrain Editor.Select new(or the white page).Fill out the info and click okay.


After a while the Editor will throw up an error.It will then close.


Start the editor again.Go to the terrain editor and select "load map."


Select the map you tryed to create earlier.


After a bit your map should be loaded!



I only discovered this 15 minutes ago.All I've done so far is make a bump in the terrain and then saved.If you have any other problems,please,post them here!

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Here's a few additional hints:

1. The editor sometimes misses to create a few files when initially building the skeleton for a new map. Check for the existence of those files and copy them from another map into yours if you miss them in your map folder :



2. Water files are often a cause for a crashing map , especially the 'WaterAnimSpeed' . You can work around those problems by copying 'water.con' and the /water folder from a map with a water setup you like.

3. Overgrowth and Undergrowth problems can mostly be solved by configuring both with at least one material with one type. Paint a small area with over- and undergrowth and save it. Do not forget to create an 'OverGrowthAtlas' from the Compile menu.

4. Do not forget to create a groundhemi. This will tone your map and gives you much better colour representation. It also does the ground reflections on vehicles and soldiers.

Note that the 'official' tutorials contain an error: Don't use 'Save All' when saving a map but always 'Save' or Ctrl-S. The editor then pops up a dialog with checkboxes for the things it detects as being changed. Only save those and you should have a valid map all the time.

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First of all, this is the totally wrong place to post.

But no. there is no way to export it.

But! the file is already in your maps folder :)

It's the HeightMapPrimary.raw. You can open it in Photoshop for example. Search the forums for the format to open it in. I can't remember right now.

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BF2 Editor is NOT 7.33 GB.. your BF2 install folder is. The editor only takes up less than 100 MB i think

However, if you really think BF2Editor takes up too much space, afaik, you only need to delete the BF2editor.exe and the bf2editor folder, if the uninstaller doesnt work

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