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Offworld: Fall Of Mars


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After the failed partial terraforming of mars. The mars based government retreated back to earth leaving the mars colonies in ruin.

A quick collapse of the various colonial settlements left only the remaining martian military to clean up the mess. Large earth based mining

conglomerates quickly moved in to fill the security void with contracted armies intent on protecting mineral and metal extraction operations

with little regard for the remaining colonist.

Toshida corps, the largest of these companies, now controls nearly all of the mining operations on mars. Toshida corps lets the martian miltiary maintain

complete control in the prime colonies in exchange. A mutual understanding of non agression has become norm between the Military and the corporate armies.

All has been peaceful for nearly 10 years on mars.

Yet, another faction exists on mars. It seems some of the engineers who worked on the original terraforming operations have gone into hiding in the fringe

areas of colonized mars. This group is popularly known as "The Masons" after a earth based organization of the same name.

Sightings of these rogue engineers has become more frequent in the past several months. Some of Toshida corp's outlying mining stations have come under attack

by small raiding parties. these attacks have been limited but increasing in frequency. They seem to be mainly after supplies and retreat quickly without doing much

damage to the operations themselves.

Still, shareholders on earth are worried. Toshida corps has decided to make a limited offensive effort in an effort to discourage further attacks.

The martian Military has been strangely quiet regarding the incidents and has declined comment on official martian news nets..

this is where we find ourself.

Offworld Mod for battlefield 2.

Looking for:

Modellers: projects: 1. small compact single man crafts for each of the 3 factions 2. static models based on a unified concept model

texture artist: Primarily ship textures and static model textures. No character models or infantry models will be used

Who am I? Chris Greig.. Nick: Irontaxi

Experience: Level design and static models for project reality for about 1.5 years. Architectural modelling for about 15years

Project goals: Primarily a porfolio project. Should have a very short development cycle.. Aiming for approx 4-6 months.


1. 2 ships in game on a test map (50% done)

2. 1 ship for each faction and 2 finished maps

3. 2ships for each faction, Menu graphics, 3 finished maps

4. 3ships for each faction, 6 maps (final stage)

This will be a very light project. No player models, no hand held weapons

all combat will be in small singleman combact craft known as flitters. they will be hybrid hover/flight vehicles using nearly conventional weapons.

each vehicle will have limited firepower and teams will have to combine via voip to win.

will add more later. Please pm if interested

thanks for your time. Please have a look at some of the stuff already in game.

(sorry for typos guys, im pretty tired...modelling all day...)


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Huuuuge and very detailed interview with a lot of hints and infos (units, gameplay, gamemodes and background), big thanks to irontaxi :)


This could be really getting a well known and played modification. Not only, because the idea of sci-fi "fly-and-fight" on the red planet is fresh and differs from the already beaten-to-death modern warfare and ww-themes, also the developers like Chris 'irontaxi' Greig (known from working on Project Reality) are somewhat well known and merited veterans within the bf2 mod scene.

So, will this be a hit or a bummer? What ist "Offworld" all about? How is it played, what are the aims, which gamemodes and vehicles can we expect? What are the features? Why especially BF2 and Mars?

Stop specualting, we will bring you the answers! An be asured: You WILL want to play the mod, when it is launched within the next 6 month. Find out why in our detailed Q&A interview with Greg 'irontaxi' Greig (mod leader) himself!

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Some nice screenies have a look.

Getting all the statics in this second map and shaping up real nicely. some very moody terrain..Fog will draw out a bit longer for in game play.Just trying some different effects for upcoming levels.

Derelict Martian mining station along the Martian Trade highway system


Toshida corps Outpost (wip)


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Since mid february the development team has been hard at work on this new and unique battlefield experince that is "Offworld".


The battlefields of earth have been placed aside and a new conflict has ignited on the plant Mars.

The mars based government has retreated back to earth leaving the mars colonies in ruin, and the planet only partially terraformed.

Three main forces are at play in this power struggle for dominace;

- The Colonial Marine Force

- The Toshida Mining Corporation

- The Masons

The fight

Battles are fought in highly agile and deadly VTOL gunships (Vertical Take Off and Landing).

These crafts are known as "flitters".

Each faction will have different 3-4 classes of flitters when the project is completed.

For this first playable demo only one class will be availabe for the two factions; the "light class".

The future will bring testament to the old saying "there is always a bigger fish..."


- Two factions

- Two maps

- Two different gunships

- Authentic martian terrain, and huge battlefields

- Air oriented combat in a crossbreed of a helicopter gunship and a fast attack jet aircraft.

- Fast, fun and adrenaline inducing battles and dog fights

Playable demo

The overall objective of this modification project of the Battlefield 2 engine is to bring to the masses what was limited in other mods and official released versions; vehicles for all.

Noone will ever have to sprint to an aircraft in vain here.

Offworld will be a relative "simple" product when it is scheduled to be done (sometime Q3 or Q4 2008)

Intense focus will be put on the aerial battles and the 'perfection' of the feel and gameplay of the aerial fights.

We feel that it is important to note that this first public release is a playable demo of what to come.


Link: http://offworldmod.com/public_ftp/build/pr...world_beta6.rar

Installation; extract the .rar file into your "mods" folder (most likely) located on the path "C:\Program files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods"

The future of mars

What will the future hold for Offworld?:

- More ships

- Introduction of The Masons

- More authentic maps

- More focus of teamwork with the introduction of multi player operated flitters

- More weapons

- More fun

Watch us work - and influence the development

For more info, feel free to browse the individual public development forums - most of them are open for public view.

We are very open to feedback, so take advantage of the fact that you have a chance of giving feedback in the development process in the public sections "feedback" forum!

Additional game experince notes

Since the attack crafts is a unique crossbreed, the handling is different from what most people are used to, but fear not :) we crash from time to time too ;)

It is not possible to eject from the vehicle - even when its damaged, so bug out of the battle and find a repair station if you dont want to die :)

This feature does however totally eliminate the "need" to teamkill a fellow team mate for a vehicle - and your kill bailing out ;)

"Thank you!"

We from the development team would like to thank the testers who helped us out a lot during the hilarious test sessions, and also through the not so fun ones :)

A huge thanks goes out to http://flotserver.net/web/ and "Grosspkopf" for providing us with a test server!

We hope the players will be thankful for these people who helped us make the game experince even better for all of us - now its your turn!

Additionally we would like to say thank you to the sites that have shown interest in our project and our progress!

Now hit the servers and kills us :)

Who will win this struggle for planetary dominance? Well that will be decided on the wast battlefields of the red planet - now suit up soldier, the battle is comming your way!

// The Offworld Development team

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