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Hello everyone!

This program will be interesting especially for the mappers out there.

The program can open pictures like satellite images (GoogleEarth) and convert them into colormaps usable for bf2.

It is really easy to use so i don't want to write very much how it works. A help button can be find in the right top of the program.

It is usable for 512x2 and 1024x2 map sizes.

The little things you have to know when use:

-> Output file format is A8R8G8B8

-> Input image size should be 2048pix for 512x2 maps and 4096x4096pix for 1024x2 maps

otherwise the image will be scaled down or up and you loose quality

-> The colormaps must be placed in the mapname/Editor/Colormaps folder!

-> You need .Net Framework to run the program but this should be not a problem for ATI users.

The progam has been created by my brother, cause my programing knowledge ends after "Hello World!".

But i have created the desktop icon. :rolleyes:

Here's the download: Slice


This image is from a map i created for the mod interstate nitro for bf2.

It is made from a ton of GoogleEarth screenshots and then puzzled together with photoshop, then sliced.


This image is from my actual map, the image is from GE too.


The last Image shows you the program itself with a loaded picture.

Please post if there are any questions!


- Microsoft .Net Frameworks is required to run the programm, its available here

- English version update

- Small note: The BF2 editor mirrors the the colormaps on the ground.

To avoid this please mirror the picture before you use the program

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Awesome - little utilities like this are always welcome. Dont suppose he could put out a version in English? (Even though it seems pretty straightforward whats going on - just saves a lot of questions the admins have to handle later - LOL)

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