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"nam" Operation Irving 2007


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Greetings all.

Finally done with mod! Server is up and running. Just look for the "Graveyard Dogs" server under your BF2 server menu.

Update: GS Clan is also running a "Ranked" Nam server. Their site with Nam player stats is at /www.gs-clan.at and the GS Clan server can be found under the BF2 server menu.

Update March 16: During our "Back to Nam" night it was discovered that the server would crash when the Commander would try to drop vehicles for the Vietcong. I have provided a fix for that and it can be downloaded at the file front link listed as "init.rar". The fix is very simple and can be changed manually if you choose. Just open up the init.con in the levels/Operation Irving 2007 /server zip file and change this "jep_Vodnik" to this "jep_nanjing" and it will fix the crash. I've tested this on my server, all is well and all Commander functions are now working properly. Great turnout and thanks to all who participated.

You can download the mod along with some screen shots here at filefront:


A few screens:

Partial Read me

Various screens of map


Black Hawk


Login Screen

VC Soldier

Map overview

Charlie Hunter

VC Headhunter

Heat Seeking Eryx and other weapons

BlackHawk and boats

Hope to see you in the Nam!

Edited by Zeus
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