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Material Settings And Destroyableobjects

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I'm setting up some destroyableobjects & have been copying bits & pieces of code from various bf2 destroyables, but was wondering what the materials are doing. In particular, I'd like to know:

1. what are the Destroyable_obj_small (97), Destroyable_obj_large (98) & Destroyable_obj_huge (112) doing?

EDIT: i figured this out- they have different damagemod values, so destobjlarge isn't affected by tank shells, destobjsmall repairs faster etc...

2. is it possible to alter how the impact damage radii of projectiles affect a destroyable?

eg. i have 2 destroyable walls joined end to end. if you shoot/c4 near the join, sometimes both walls blow up at once because of the large explosion radius. so, is there a setting to override this behaviour? i've noticed some 'blast sensitivity' settings in the material code, would these do anything?

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A wall normally doesn't explode at all when you destroy it but simply crumbles :mellow:

You're perhaps get a more realistic wall behaviour if you set its explosionforce and -radius to very low values or even zero.

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