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How Do I Import Cars Into Bf2 Editor?


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I want to import this lamborghini murcielago car model I found but it has differnet textures (not just one big one that does everything) and I want to make a supercar mod for battlefield 2. How would I do it???

Ps I'm new hello! <_<

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The model needs a certain structure (what we call hierachy in this forum ) and has to be exported from either gmax, 3DS Max using the BF2 Tools or Maya to be recognized by the game.

This is a modellers job and you're welcome to learn it. Find more info about model structures here:


In this tutorial i export a model from the net ( a plane in this case ) to BF2:


The 'official' tutorials also tell you how to export a static object and a car to BF2:


Thanks again to the Doomlab guys for hosting the info stuff so conviniently !

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