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Block Fort is a five floor building made by crates. In this file, you will receive all three versions of Block Fort. The first one is for vanilla bf2. The next version is also for vanilla bf2, but was modified by TNE26 to include only uzis and jackhammer shotguns. The last version is for the AIX mod.

BlockFort1.jpg <---- each shaft goes to a different floor

BlockFort3.jpg <-- Floor 2 contains a few rooms


BlockFort4.jpg <--- Floors 3 has a bridge connecting the sides.


*//*//*//*//*//*//*//*//*//*/Block Fort/*//*//*//*//*//*//*//*//*//*/


Welcome to Block Fort, a map made by LuigiMcOwnage. Block Fort consists of five floors made by crates. On Floor 1, the amount of barrels tell you what floor the ladder shaft leads to. If there are two barrels, that shaft goes to floor 2, etc. Also Lightmaps were not generated becuase most of the map would be too dark. Enjoy your stay!


Block Fort has three versions. One is for vanilla bf2, another is modified by TNE26 for vanilla bf2, with kits containing jackhammer shotguns, and dual uzis. The uzis were made by Satnav of Battlefield Singleplayer. The last version is modified for the Allied Intent Extended Mod (AIX). There is no bot support.


Map by LuigiMcOwnage.Feel free do distribute this map as long as this readme is included.

Uzi and Jackhammer version modified by TNE26 who can be reached at his email gaming@tne.dk

The Uzi is by Satnav of Battlefield Singleplayer http://battlefieldsingleplayer.planetbattl...dex.php?act=idx

/*//*//*//*//*//*//*/Special Thanks/*//*//*//*//*//*//*//*/

All of the members at:

BfEditor- Bfeditor.org

Battlefield Singleplayer- http://battlefieldsingleplayer.planetbattl...ld.gamespy.com/

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Hey folks,

I'm not able to start the map. It is loading until the end and if I'm trying to press the "ready" button it crashes to the desktop :( I have tried windowed mode but there isn't any error message.

edit: rtfm, punk, rftm. The text says: no bot support ^^


edit2: Have you ever thought about submitting the map to the "mappers delight" section at bfsp and request bot support?

Edited by -=Punkbuster=-
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Try setting your settings to at least medium.. That should work.. Are you loading in singleplayer? (or did you load it?, didnt get your edit :huh:)

I dont think its possible to make bot-support for this one.. i think the bots would get stuck at every crate, and think the only place they would be is the bottom.. Have you ever seen a bot climbing on top of boxes or buildings?.. i mean, theres no strategic areas to defend, attack, and so on.. just thinking logically.. might be possible though..

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