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Help With Exporting A Weapon Model From Gmax To Bf2

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hey guys im a noob at modding and I need help on how to export my hk416 weapons model. I have no idea on how to do collision meshes or animation. Can I just use the m4 animation for the hk? Also can someone give me tutorial links for gmax texturing.And how would I make the ironsight view? :huh:

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Hmm, i guess you got us here. :unsure: We once had at least a knife tutorial for gmax on this site but the pictures are long gone. I can only point you to the Max tutorials atm where we have at least the same GUI as gmax. But gmax uv capabilities are a bit limited and thats what counts when skinning a model.

I recommend to install the gmax tutorial package in addition to gmax and work your way through at least the P38 tutorial to learn your ways in gmax .

After that its a lot easier to follow our Max-based tutorials here and maybe you can add on it and later write a new gmax tutorial :P

Ironsights are a part of the model and reside by default in the geom0->lod1 tree (lod0 being the normal 1P model) . Browse through the hierachy help thread to get the basic idea behind the meaning of 'hierachy' .

Here's the ( old ) gmax weapon tutorial :


Here's the above mentioned hierachy help thread:


hope that helps

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