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Missing Dll

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I have got a brand new install of vista ultimate, i downloaded bf 2142, as i bought the download version, i loaded it in put the patch's in all well and good

Now when i double click the desktop icon, all i get is my pointer and the ring showing pc is doing some thing then ring goes and no bf2142 ???

I found in a folder withing bf2142 that i had an error which is memory_r.dll now i have really tied everything, deleting bf 2142 reinstalling so on and so on to reach the same end , bf2142 won't even consider starting up,..

Please can anyone help,,,

No matter where i go i cannot find this every elusive dll anywhere ????

Thanking you all in advance ...


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are you trying to get the bf2 editor to work with Vista? Or just get bf2142 to work?

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You should contact EA's customer support as they probably delivered a defective download. The only thing which makes me wonder is that the filename 'memory_r.dll' points to a debugger version of this library :blink: . Perhaps you should tell us what you're off to.

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