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Kahluji Desert Wip


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Hey y'all..

Just wanted to tell you what im working on atm..

Its a desert/urban map inspired by JONES's Urban Raid and Karkand.

It's got a carrier and a MEC Airbase. Large urban area with airport, train station, green areas, big harbour, and I'm working on some easter-eggs :P.. Industrial train-station, Power station, oilfield base and abandoned village..

It's designed for desert- air- and urban battle.

Tell me if you like it.. dont mind the many trees in the background (and occasional black undergrowth), it'll be fixed very soon!

Link to pics: http://gaming.tne.dk/KahlujiDesertWIP/

I wont publish it before its done, but if you cant wait i might get u a beta-build..

(Regarding my old map, its very close to be done :) Just needs lightmaps and navmesh)

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Heres a small collection of images thats from an updated version of the map.. Tell me what you think: (and yes that is an ugly, but working elevator on a mountain :P)










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Thanks.. i only have an old one, and the map has changed since the last update, and even more since this minimap:


Im rendering a new one for ya this afternoon.. had to do it soon anyway :)

(btw.. the blocked area is a secret park which i havent decided what to do with yet.. if anyone has suggestions.. feel free to share them :))

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Its just secret for you guys because i dont like the current layout.. :P

Its supposed to be a green park with olives and gladly some water and paths.. so almost any suggestions welcome!

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Updated minimap:


Didnt compile final roads, and it looks kinda strange.. but there are some huge mountains, and they are not visible on the map.. textures needs lots of work still, but getting there..

Extreme hi-rez (17.5 MB 4096x4096): http://www.tne.dk/kahlujihuge.jpg

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Wow.. long time since I've been here!

And thanks Agentscar :D

I haven't had time to work on Kahluji for a long long time, but when my exams are over and i get some vacation, I might get it done.. I also have two other maps in the near-done area, and since they are a little closer, they might come first, but don't worry, I'll finish it!

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Nope.. have been away since winter, and been too caught up by school work and other R/L stuff.. and everytime i wanted to check back, i would have to go through 20+ pages of unread topics :D

But now im back... and I'll stay :)

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Thanks :D

I can't wait for yours either though :)

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