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Making Soldier Model _b_os Bump Maps


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I was wondering if anyone could show me how to make the _b_os file for soldiers, like this:


I've played around with the nvidia bump map tools, but no luck (All I've gotten is blue, not colorful). I've also searched these forums a bit and couldn't find anyone else who asked this question and got an answer.



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Well, i've asked that question before , got no qualified answer but i can give you one now. The 3DS Max exporter creates this texture when presented with a clean unwrapped soldier model (or any other skinned mesh) if it uses one of the 'tangent' techniques, like 'mec_tangent' or 'tangent' .

Its of the first importance to have a non-overlapping unwrap, very clean flattened onto the texture. Luckily our soldier modeller artist created the models in such a way that i ( as the guy who does the weigthing, hierachy and exports ) didn't have any trouble with it.

It seems that NVidia's 'Melody' program can generate those Object-Spaced ( thats what the _os stands for ) textures, too. I have no idea what kind of model you need to use with this software, though.

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