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Scrolling Black Terrain

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hi guys

i was playing around with a map (midway) i went and in the terrian editor i renamed the map,i put the map back to zips, then i went to play it and im getting scrolling black over land,is there something wrong im doing when i rename a map?im trying to get familure with everthing in bf2editor,let me know if possible the proper way to fix this prob,everything is fine for gameplay except for the black scrolling shadows that follow me around

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The reason this is happening is because your new version of the map does not have any detail texture information on it. The detailmaps are there showing where textures 1-6 should be placed true, but the game doesnt know that 1 is grass, 2 is sand, 3 is pebbles etc etc. Normally this information is kept in the /editor/GroundProperties.con and then stored in the terraindata.raw file for use ingame - but the DICE maps dont come with the editor files necessary to rebuild it so you get a black circle following you around instead.

So to fix it, go into the Terrain Editor and choose the paint tool. Click on the first brush and change it to a cobblestone or something easy to see. Go inspect different areas to get an idea which texture the first one is supposed to be and change the texture back to something suitable. For example, if the cobblestones suddenly appear on all the roads, change it to a tarmac texture - or if it shows up in grassy areas, change it to a grass texture. Do this for all the brushes - go paint a little bit of your own detail textures way off in a corner somewhere. Make sure each texture is set to lowdetailtype 1, create your lowdetail textures and save your work. You may want to go re-copy the root /detailmaps folder at this point from the original map. Now you'll have a new terraindata.raw file and the black will go away.

Note - if you have a hex editor (like Hex Edit Neo) you can open the original terraindata.raw file and it will show you exactly what detail textures DICE used on the map. Also, sometimes when you make a copy of a map, you'll still wind up with black splotches or streaks because the /editor folder's detailmaps are a different format than the final versions the game uses. Thats just the bitch of reverse engineering someone else's hard work, but if all else fails you can go do a bit of hand painting of detail textures to fix it back up again.

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