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Creating An Airplane For Bf2/2142

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I'm sorry, this tutorial has been a victim of the forum attacks in 2016 and its much too complicated to restore it here with all the new syntax of the forum software.

However, the original version with all the pictures has survived on the BFSP forums:


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1st: Thanks :lol:

2nd: The geometry count in BF2 is limited to 26 parts ( *.con file 'ObjectTemplate.geometryPart N', where N mustn't be greater than 26 )

3rd: that depends on a limit in the exporter ( newer 3DSMax tools don't seem to have the older 16000-17000 limit ) but the playabilty might suffer as a very high polycount will cause lag in the game. I recently exported a 26000 poly model and the engine eats it. I didn't try anything larger because our mod should be playable.

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Man can you tell me how to make counter rotating props?

I want to model a Tu-95 and i want 8 props,2 on each engine and in each prop pair, the one prop must rotate opposite direction to the other.

I dont think i can do it without help so plz could u help?:)

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Sorry for being late but my focus is elsewhere now :P

Rerversing rotation of an engine is easy. Just put a - (minus) sign in front of the acceleration and rotation:

ObjectTemplate.setMinRotation 0/0/5
ObjectTemplate.setMaxRotation 0/0/3000
ObjectTemplate.setMaxSpeed 0/0/3000
ObjectTemplate.setAcceleration 0/0/500
ObjectTemplate.setDeAcceleration 0/0/800


ObjectTemplate.setMinRotation 0/0/-5
ObjectTemplate.setMaxRotation 0/0/-3000
ObjectTemplate.setMaxSpeed 0/0/3000
ObjectTemplate.setAcceleration 0/0/-500
ObjectTemplate.setDeAcceleration 0/0/-800

Its been a while so bear with me. It could be that one or more of the minus signs are unnecessary.

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counter rotating props

just make the rearward props' pivot points turned 180 about compared to the front ones. so as far as the plane is concerned, they are mounted on backwards.

I want to model a Tu-95

nice. i'd like to have done one of those myself, but never got around to it

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