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yes...definitely worth it.

Very good program, been messing around with it.

Its best as Bensta said, to import a rough model of the ground from the editor, then run filters over it.

I tried with some DEM data (RL heightmaps from satellite) then played around with erosion, etc to make up for the detail lost with that data. Using the corresponing google earth imagery as a temp colourmap, I look forward to trying the GC texturing tools.

There is also a video now on making roads across mountains, it is perfect for bf2, 100x better than the editors 'apply spline' function.

I am considering puchasing it once my trial expires.

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I think I posted in the wrong thread when I was trying to get someone to make some decent lookin terrain for me. I apologize, Ill keep the convo in here.

heres what I wrote in other thread:

anyone want to create some terrain for me? I need about couple of 1024/2048 maps, it don't matter how it looks, couple of mountains some where, valleys, really up to you. I just want to download what you created and just run tpaint and start working on the map. I create maps for a tournament and I find that it takes me about 2 weeks just to make some good terrain and would appreicate if someone creates some for me with this tool. I will include you in loading screen and anything else if you want to.

also, I tried using Geocontrol 2 and i find it difficult to do all the convertions, imports etc.

(info, we run a new map each week and its difficult to create maps that fast, especially if you waste so much time on terrain)

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Really good program, had a quick play with it after watching the video, 20 mins work, texture needs alittle work but hey i think it looks cool so far and i should be sleeping :) ...



How do you get geocontrol to apply textures like that? And then export them for use in the editor. I looked through some of the geocontrol tutorials, but i have pretty slow internet so it takes a long time...

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That texture was real easy, its just one of the default scale textures, cant remember name of it but itll be called something canyon. As for getting it to bf2, i posted a few posts back how to convert to bf2 ;)

Yea I saw that, and I can do that just fine... if I had the files. I can't get geocontrol itself to apply textures IN geocontrol, to then take out for the editor to use.

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1st open geocontrol.... make terrain 1024 and export and save 16 bit... ( keep geocontrol Open! ... so you can make the colormaps in a minute...)

2nd) then in geocontrol ...hit 2d mode.... hit view... coloring... and then pick a color setting.... coast/desert/mesa... etc

if you made your own colors in 3d mode... you can hit... view... coloring.... use shader....

then to export the colormaps for the editor...

go to view...hit relief... then check... no relief...

then if you have a pretty fast computer... go to the right of geocontrol and hit generation...

then under the general tab... hit terrain size.... change it to 4096 and then in the middle top of geocontrol... hit generate and wait...not too long...lol

then hit the tab... on left top side of geocontrol... generation... image export/color

and choose bitmap or .png... and save...

3)Heightmap preparation for the editor....

open your maps heightmapPrimary.raw from your map in photoshop.... then open the 1024 .raw 16 bit terrain you made in geocontrol...

and drag it on top of your maps heightmapPrimary.raw and center it... and resize... so the geo map is as big as the heightmapPrimary.raw...

then flatten merge or flatten the 2 and save and overwrite your heightmapPrimary.raw... then you can run bftpaint with your colourbig.tga that is checked read only...

4) then you can open the 4096 size colormap in photoshop...

and save it as colourbig.tga... 24 bit... then you can right click on the colourbig.tga and choose read only...

then you can drag it into the data folder of bftpaint...

run bftpaint and it will split up your geocontrol colourbig.tga

then copy and paste the color/detail and lowdetailmap folders bftpaint produces into the editor folder of your map...

and check out the geocontrol website... some great video tutorials...

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I think that when you alter the size to 4096 (to save the colourmap) the heightmap also becomes a lot more detailed, really noticed it in the 2d view.

Only discovered this by playing with some polar landscapes, they looked crap with a straight 1024 port, but with a 4096 heightmap scaled down using photoshop they looked great.

Think the extra bit of detail is kept & it gives a much "tighter" look.

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I allways generate 4096 in geocontrol, not for better quality heightmap as once in bf2 you wount notice anything, although the plus with scaleing down the hightmap is you (sometimes) dont get that horid 1 pixle around edge of map thats always set to sea level. but the main reason i allways generate scale 4096 in geocontrol is because the colourmap image quality is 1,000,000 X better, It does take a painfully long time to generate 4096 scale in geocontrol, but man are the colourmap results worth it.

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Yeah, the majority of detail is lost with bf2 for sure Bensta.

This is the map I'm playing with that I noticed it on, think it fits 2142 nice:


Thanks for all the tuts on this, it's got me mapping again.:)

Has anyone ported detailmaps from geocontrol2 to bf2 yet?

*hint next tut hint*

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yea detail maps are real easy, just do another colour map in geo, but just use red, green, and blue, dont blend the colours together, or you will end up with diffrent colours that bf2 wount reconize. Just use solid red, green and blue. then split the detail map with bftpain again, but just name the image, detailbig.tga, insted of colourbig.tga ;)

P.s nice map, i know how hard snow terrain is to pull off without it looking grey, and un snow like nice one ;)

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first of all you should translate all the buttons / filters thats making it easier to get a planned terrain not just a lucky on ;D

and do you have a 2nd computer ? like a laptop else ? there you can install it too and have 30 days again ;D

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you have to hit the render button on the upper right...then texture... shader settings...gradients... click the bar that has the colors and choose a terrain gradient...then hit 3d button and hit the render button right next to the 3d button...

a good overall tutorial


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