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Updated Tutorial - Building the Car - Max


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I've updated this tutorial with a bit of new information that I've just discovered.

There were changes to both the tutorial files and the tutorial itself.

Basically the car was moved down in the Max scene so that the origin now passes through the car just below the center instead of being below the wheels. Also, I hadn't realized that some of the pieces that are just placeholders also needed to be textured or the game would have problems with them. (The "Engine" cube and all cubes whose labels end in "bundle" or "RotationalBundle")

You may wish to download and go through the tutorial again or at least read through it. It should function a lot better now.

Note: this is still a Max 7 tutorial for now. I'm still working on getting files that will work on the other versions.

You can find the new version of the tutorial here:


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