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New Tutorial - Importing and Editing the Car


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This tutorial covers the steps necessary to "Import" the car from tutorial 6 into the editor and make the necessary edits to get it working in the game.

This tutorial will work whether you have made the car in Max or Maya.

This tutorial covers a lot of basic information and techniques for getting vehicles into the game and I hope it will answer a lot of questions.

Important note: If you are using Max, be sure to re-create the car with the updated version of Tutorial 6 or it will not work correctly!

If you don't want to redo the entire tutorial, you can just open up the updated "My_Car.max" scene file included in the download and follow the export instructions at the end of that tutorial. Follow the link in the updated tutorial 6 announcement also in this section of the forum to get the files.

You can get the vehicle editing tutorial here:


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Agree totally, the previous tutorials are a great help.

I have problems downloading this one tho! Ive downloaded 6 times now, and while i can extract the image files fine, it will not let me extract or copy the word.doc, same error everytime.

Any clues? Thanks in advance.

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