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Keeping Vanilla Map Terrain


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I plan on changing the control points and vehicle spawns. This can of course be accomplished via editing con files, but I also have to do the out of bounds area which is why I'm going to run into trouble when it comes time to do that. I've edited vanilla maps before and never could figure out how to keep the terrain the same.

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1)Rename map inside the editor

2)Copy the colormaps, detailmaps and lowdetailmaps folders into the editor folder.

3)Resize all the editor folders detailmaps to 512x512 8888 argb .dds

4)Open the terraindata.raw file with notepad look for the detail texture layers, and fill in the detail textures 1-6 in the same order with in the editor.

5)Save all terrain in the editor, and should be all done and working.


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Ok, so this post is a bit old, but still relevant. As far as i know NOW, unzipping the vanilla maps client, server zips, you can copy and paste the Heightmapprimary.raw file to YOUR maps folder, overwriting the existing HeightmapPrimary.raw file in YOUR map. You may also have to change it from "Read-only" to edit it in any way. As for keeping vanilla color/textures, thats what im trying to find out.

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