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Smooth Road/hill Top To Bottom?

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Okay so this is what I'm working on. I've got a small section where I'm using the 30 Degree Concrete Wall bit. Like you see on Belgrade near Statue. My question is how can you make a smooth plane gradient from the base to the top?

I've attached an image if what I said doesn't make since. You'll see I have the terrain meeting the top of the wall.


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Im not sure, but try taking the road tool, and apply the splines from top to bottom so it aligns with the slope. Then click "Apply spline" on the right hand side of the editor, and it should fit the terrain to the splines.

Then use the platform tool with a radius of 1 to make each row to fit the slope.

If it doesnt work, i used to do it manually once. Takes a hell lot of time, but it works.

Note, that this is for BF2 not BF2142, but I see no reason that it shouldnt work in 2142.

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