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I Am 100% New To Everything And Would Like To Make Custom Maps W/ Ai

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Okay sooo, I'm Deeply Interesting in making Custom maps for Battlefield 2142 and also learning how to place AI onto those maps, I don't own BF2 so what should i do about the editor?

If someone could please post links to tutorials a 100% newbie like me could understand, or an alternative, anyone who already know alot about all of these things i could talk to on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, or Xfire? I have all four, any help would be deeply appreciated :]

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This site has tutorials on singleplayer maps with bots... It is one of the more difficult and challenging aspects of modding though.

If you are motivated enough you can learn how to do most anything with the info on this site...

and when you

get stuck learning you can post here and someone can help you... good luck and have fun. :)

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