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[map] Al Ofant

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YES! Finaly! I finished my first real map!

Its called "Al Ofant" and it's located in an area in the Middle East, which China captured and flooded. The US wanted to make the land usuable again, and started building a dam. The Chinese didn't like this, both forces have taken the evening to prepare an assault.

Edit: (This version does not have BOT support though... I'm working on it, navmashing is taking days to complete. About 45 hours so far... That's on a Quad Core processor ~2.2 GHz and 4GB Ram XD, I've placed too much trees I guess :P)

Some screenshots




More screenshots here.

Download here.

I'd like to thank this whole community, without I wouldn't have been able to finish this map :D

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I think the navmeshing should be quicker than days to complete?

with a large complex map it's not unthinkable for it to take a few days to gen, but by now it should be VERY close to finishing.

if the nav-gen's still doing its gig properly, you should be able to see the count-up increasing as it runs. if it stays on one number too long it may mean it has stalled

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Thanks all, yeah the overgrowth is a bit badly done :P, anyway when I woke up just now I saw that navmesh.exe had crashed. No islands saved.

Generating navmesh for data in work\Swamp3\GTSData

Starting manifold-step

Manifold-step succeded in 07 minutes and 23 seconds

Starting stitch-step

Stitch-step succeded in 05 hours 26 minutes and 49 seconds

Starting opt-step for Infantry

Opt-step succeded in 31 hours 44 minutes and 50 seconds

Starting opt-step for Vehicle

Opt-step failed, aborting

So I guess I won't be doing AI then, unless there is some way of retrieving the islands, and only doing the vehicle navmesh again.

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You could disable the repeated generation of infantry.obj by changing line 98 in navMeshControl.py from

	modes = [ "Infantry", "Vehicle"];


	modes = [ "Vehicle"];

It looks as if the optimizing step on your map takes suuuuper-long ( never had a map with more than 2 hrs. of optimizing here ) . Does your machine have sufficient RAM ? Navmesh.EXE easily eats up 700 or more Megs when working on a complex map. How many overgrowth and other objects are in the map ? Check by clicking [Level Info] in the status bar ( in Level Editor ).

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Thanks for your tips, but the navmesh process deleted the infantry.obj on abortion. I have about ~12000 objects, if I remember well. (A lot.)

I have more than enough ram, 4 GB and a quad core ~2.2 GHz processor. I think that should be more than able to do the trick :P

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12000 objects is not that much. I'm currently working on a 1024*2 map with around 8000 overgrowth objects and around 1000 other statics and the optimizing step takes less than 20 minutes. This runs on a Pentium D 2*2.8 Ghz with 2 GB RAM and the complete navmesh is generated in about 12 hours.

Admittedly, most of my statics come with col3's to produce a clean and walkable navmesh :P

I suspect there's some objects in your map which cause problems. Examine the /objects_by_intersection/ folder to see if excessive numbers of objects refuse to navmesh cleanly. The navmesh log file will tell you of other problems.

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