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Just A Couple Of Questions

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What exactly does e-007 & e-005 mean,in this code

ObjectTemplate.setPosition 3.07638e-007/3.54495e-005/6.8266

Looking through some BF2 AI files,they spell Infantry,Infantry

weaponTemplate.setStrength Infantry 8.0

But in the tanks,they spell Infantry like Infantery

weaponTemplate.setStrength Infantery 2.0

Can anyone shed some light on the differences in the spelling,and do they mean the EXACT same thing,and why is that way of spelling (Infantery) only found on a few BF2 (and other mods) AI files

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Thankyou for that,but i am still a little bit confused on the exact measurement

So what measurement exactly does 3.07638e-007 equate too ?

Most calculators and many computer programs present very large and very small results in scientific notation. Because superscripted exponents like 107 cannot always be conveniently represented on computers, typewriters and calculators, an alternative format is often used: the letter "E" or "e" represents "times ten raised to the power", thus replacing the " × 10n". The character "e" is not related to the mathematical constant e (a confusion not possible when using capital "E"); and though it stands for exponent, the notation is usually referred to as (scientific) E notation or (scientific) e notation, rather than (scientific) exponential notation (though the latter also occurs).


* In the FORTRAN programming language 6.0221415E23 is equivalent to 6.022 141 5×1023.

* The ALGOL programming language also uses the E notation; alternatively—when available—either character '₁₀' or '\' can be used. For example: 6.0221415₁₀23 and 6.0221415\23.[1][2]

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