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Mi-24 Hind Done (movie) :) :) :)


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Hi Everybody




After hard work ,spending days and nights behind pc for some 3,5 week ,this is the most detailed model i had ever created.

When i seat in this cockpit and looking through the hud , i`m getting abit sad because cant import this model in bf2 and fly it with some friends it shall give alot of fine,but from another side i`m very happy with what i have made.

Polycount is about 3050k

Here are some screens:





I hope you love it.

Goodluck guys ,and thanks for all reference foto`s you have sended to me especially to "Ragni<RangersPL>" for his amaizing foto`s .

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Thats a very impressive model. However yeah I don't see that working in bf2, even if it did, thats some sweet lag.

however if you wanted to make TRUE Normal Maps from that model, they would probably be the most amazing normal maps ever mad in bf2.

And were talking TRUE normal maps not the fancy bump maps that are saved as normal map files for buildings in bf2.

And you could get them at large resolutions, like you could have them render out at 2048 x 2048 or higher if bf2 ever supported it.

Once you have the best normal maps ever, start picking apart the polys on your model bringing it down in poly count. There are also 3rd party plug-ins you can get that will automate poly reduction at a click of a button, but they can be unreliable, so reducing too much with the tool and not enough manually can cause problems.

also, make sure your model is using the right materials assigned to it before export, like your glass, or it won't be guaranteed to work when exporting it to bf2.

the chopper could still easily work, just fixes may be in order.

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Yes, 3 million (smoothed), but the smooth-ready mesh it self is about 150k-200k poly.So i can easly handle everything

I guess I didn't catch everything you wrote in that last post, I still wouldn't mind seeing a wireframe screengrab of your "smooth-ready" mesh.


That is a very good looking HIND. This will make for a nice addition to your portfolio.

Information for the BF2 Engine regarding mesh density:

Class 1, i.e. Hummer or Attack Heli. Airplane etc.

Max 3P Triangles - 5500 tri's, incl. integrated Kit parts in the mesh

Max 1P cockpit Triangles - 1000 tri's (Vehicles with entire

interior could use up to 2000, i.e. Hummer)

These numbers aren't realistic maximums as I've seen vanilla BF2 models with substantially more tri's but it would be wise to stay close to whats listed.

To help in your quest to make this a BF2 worthy game model, you need to decide what details are going to be visible to the player in 3rd person (3P) and 1st person (1P). All mesh geometry a player will not see should be deleted, extremely small details especially around the main rotor should all be normal mapped to a lowpoly mesh. In order to make this play nice in BF2 you will need to remove a lot of details.

Your best bet is to learn the BF2 hierarchy for Attack Heli's. There's a lot to know. Then try converting your HIND.

Good Luck


P.S. I love that T-90 you made.

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Oh my god. Just came across this and, OMG. Loved the other models, but this one is insane!

@showNOmercy: He already put his Ka-50 into BF2 :)

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Always great models from OLEG-RUSSIA , thats one of them ! Great job ! :lol:

Although its still a long way from a 150-200k polies model to the BF2 engine. So far i know of no exporter ( and BF2 engine ) which can handle more than about 65k polies per object.

The original exporter even crashed when trying to export a model with more than about 25k polies but the PoE2 tools might handle that better.

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