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problem painting with custom textures


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i am trying to paint my terrain with custom textures, i can select the texture in the editor but as soon as i try to paint my terrain the editor crashes. i believe its because i'm not saving my dds files with the proper settings, i'm saving as a 512x512 RGB 8bit image and no MIP maps (same as the bf2 textures) but it isn't working.

any suggestions?

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One thing I always do when making a new custom texture and I'm not sure if I'm using the proper dds settings is compare the file size with the ones I want to replace. If the existing textures are all the same size (say 1024 KB), and the one I saved is different, I probably used the wrong setting/mode. So I try another setting that makes sense, if the file size comes out equal to the others this time, I probably got the right setting. It's saved me some editor crashes and the accompanying headaches. :)

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