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For the last few days I have been toying with the BF2 editor for creating custom maps for Battlefield 2142. Kind of as a proof of concept, I started by editing an existing map (Highway Tampa 2142) to add a few things most notably new vehicles. After toying with the .con files, I was able to get the map to load with the new objects and vehicles in game. The one issue I have not been able to fix is that for some reason the ground texture is replaced by "Uncle Sam".


Well I say ground texture, but in honesty, I'm not sure if it is that or something to do with the lighting information. The detail textures seem to look right, and when you look at dynamic shadows, the shadow looks correct.


The really odd part is if you load the official 2142 Highway Tampa map first, and then the edited map, everything displays correctly. Likewise, if you load the edited map first, and then the official version, the textures in the official version are off.

Any thoughts?

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did you rename the map...?

did you unzip server.zip and client.zip the map?

you can keep the files zipped and just add your staticobjects.con and gameplayobjects.con so your terrain stays intact

Yes I did rename the map, and I did unzip both the server.zip and the client.zip to do it. I also went through every line of code I could find in every file I could and made sure I changed the directory to the new map folder. Then I re-zipped and copied the entire folder into my 2142 levels folder. I did not want to just replace the existing map, I wanted to have both available without having close the program and move files around.

So what I did was instead of calling the map folder Highway_Tampa, I changed it to Highway_Tampa_speeder (i was trying to add the NS speeders to the map among other things). I then went threw every .con, .TAI, and every other non .dds file and changed the every instance of "Highway_Tampa" to "Highway_Tampa_speeder". Thinking maybe I changed something I should not have, I then went back through and rechecked every edit. As far as I can tell it should all be pointing to the correct map folder.

Is there something special I should have done when renaming, or re-zipping the folder that I may have missed?

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a quick way to fix the terrain.... run bftpaint... and copy and paste the detailmap and lowdetailmap folder that are created into...

the editor folder of your tampa speeder map...

then copy the colormaps from the tampa speeder map and paste them into the editor folder of your tampa speeder map... then open the editor and choose textures for the first 3 terrain layers... rock 1 ...grass 2...sand 3... choose lowdetailtype 1 for each of those layers... then paint a little area on your map... generate lowdetailtextures and save... your textures should be fine ingame and pretty close to stock tampa...

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First off, thanks a lot for the help.

As it turns out, I figured out what I did wrong and did not have to use the work around you suggested. Honestly, I am completely new to the BF editor, and modding for bf2 and 2142 as a whole. So while doing a couple of searches on this site to figure out exactly what you were talking about, I came across a thread (http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=12182&st=0) that mentioned editing the terraindata.raw file in a hex editor. Like a complete idiot, I had overlooked this file, because when I first open it, my computer defaulted it as a Photoshop file and it just came up as a series of black and white dots. Later, when I went back through checking my code, I tried a text editor, but not a Hex editor.

So long story short, I edited the file in a Hex editor and pointed everything to the correct path. Now it works like a charm.

Thanks again.

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Uncle Sam? Are you serious? LOL. Any idea where he came from ?

How are you getting bfeditor to load bf2142 maps... I've never had any success with this... even after reading the faq on how to do it... and bfeditor seems massively complicated and mindboggling slow and crashy.

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