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Over the past year or so i found that Gmax/BF2 used ratio (Not actual sizes). In Gmax you need to times the original size by 5


12m = 60m

all objects use this ratio 1:5

So say you wanted to create a 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.5m Box you would times 2.5m x 5 = 12.5m

That about covers it.

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Either you must be confusing something or you have switched your gmax to the imperial system ( inch, feet, yard ).

When using Generic Units or meters as the base unit, the scale from gmax ( or 3DSMax) to the game has always been 10:1 , so that a box modelled in gmax with an edge length of 10 GenericUnits appears as a box with 1 meter edge length ingame.

If you accidently modelled in imperial units, the scale would be close to what you encountered as 1 inch is roughly 2.5 centimeters = 0.025 meters which would explain the appearance of the 2.5 as your resizing factor.

Most of DICE's ingame dimensions are based on the metric system.


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