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Whatever Happened To The Battlefield City Mod?


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First off, sorry if this is the wrong section...? :unsure:

What ever happened to this mod? It looked really promising, but it just seems like it got abandoned near completion.. :(

I also recognize some bfsolo content in there I think?

Translated to english-








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looks pretty cool!!

Dont know what happened, but if you find out, let me know!

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Hello, dont know much about team spririt in the modding world but if "passion" is the moto i dont need an upper dev to motive or distract me :P , it's a f... time-consuming & quite a complex job specially from A to Z.

But you keep the cool things you learn to make better in future, no matter if your work is released.

In this case BFcity is a "practice" mod, from a young community, not a common assumed project push by a community of modders & more, and it seems that the problem is to find THE idea which stick the group together for a long-time, making the project shiny like a pro team.


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