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Terrain Disappearing After Applying A Spline


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This happens to me only in BF2, other mods I used in the editor don't have this issue.

If I save the changes, close the editor and then reopen it and the map, the terrain comes back but the area under the road is flat.

I somehow managed to avoid this once recently but have no idea how that happened. Any ideas?

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I saw this when applying a spline, thought the lack of memory was really the cause (although with 3 Gb of RAM and no other programs running besides BF2editor that sounds stupid), however yesterday I was somehow able to apply a spline just fine and without any issues even though the error message kept popping up. Today I can't anymore, because the old issue of screwed up terrain came back.


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Maybe cleaning up your system would work out.


- memory optimization

- drive cleaning

- defragmentation

Another thing: The computer has something called 'paging', a sort of cache memory.

You can set these settings somewhere in the configuration of windows.

Set this too low, and you will get out of memory errors.

Set this too high, and your computer will lag and will take up more disk space than it needs.

Hope this helps a little...

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Found a possible fix- set your terrain height (under level settings, tweakbar) above the default.

I was working on a map and changed that setting, then applied a road just to try my luck and the terrain didn't disappear and the terrain adjusted to the road correctly.

I tried the same on another map and while terrain did disappear again, what was interesting that the memory error strings in the debug multiplied, from the usual four or two there were like a dozen. I saved&closed the map and got a bfeditor crash after it closed, but when I reloaded the editor and the map, the terrain was there aligned to the road.

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