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How To Rename A Map In Battlefield 2?


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Thanks Ivan for the info, unfortunately it still doesn't work. All I did was as you and berger said, just re0name the "MyMod" folder, and then in that folder edit the title in the mod.desc file. Did that.

Start the mod quick start, select "Multiplayer", the "Create Local", and bam, it crashes to desktop without a flicker or hesitation. The instructions can't be more simple. I know I did it as told. Something else is going on.

Could it be that after the renaming, I opened it in the editor, moved an object then saved, and packaged, before I attempted ingame? Seemed to me if the change is good, I should have no problem whether I tried it in the editor or the game first. So the last option is change it back, then rename again, then go straight to ingame?

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you don't have to package your map to play it with your mod in bf2...

also a big key is keeping everything as simple as possible because it's real

easy to get confused on what exactly is causing the crash...

if you want to upload your mod to filefront i will d/l and take a look... pm me a link...

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I had just made that last post and was sitting here wondering what I could try next without having to make a new test mod, and I was looking at the link on the desktop that says "MyMod" as I had renamed it, being the mod launch shortcut link. And knew that the name is localized to the link itself, irrelevant to the path, then it hit me, the path name! So I open and there it is, the path name is "MyMod". I thought surely it couldn't be that easy? Let God be true and every man a liar, it was. Changed the name in the link path and it loaded right up with the new mod name.


Add to Mod Name change another step...change the mod name in the launch link path! :D

So as I've given more thought to this whole name change thing, now that the mod name is changed, it shouldn't conflict with other mods, shouldn't being the operative. So seeing that the level is within the mod, the level name becomes sort of irrelevant since graphically you can make the game display say any name via a change, which I had already succesfully done, in the same mod.desc file. So every mod could I think have a level named My_Level and there should be no conflicts, I think. <_<

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Does anyone have the "LPP_BF_Collection_Setup.exe".  The download link is long expired and I would love to have this tool.

BTW: I love how the first person asks the question....and then one guy gives a lecture about searching instead of asking....then a bunch of other, nicer people set about to answer the question.

That's how it should be.  Help if you can....otherwise, keep scrolling.  

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