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Map From "local Wars"

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I played BF2 addon "Local Wars",and find there an interesting desert map for huge tank battles.I copy it to my original BF2-mods-bf2-levels.But I cant play it in singleplayer or,even,multiplayer.The map is like mising.What is wrong with the map?

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Well, copying a mod level to vanilla Battlefield 2 is never a good idea.

Problem could be:

- missing objects, list is found in staticobjects.con

- Missing vehicle (textures, animations, meshes)

- Missing vegitation (trees) overgrowth\overgrowtcollision.con.

And: if there is no gtsdata\aipathfinding folder in the server.zip of the level, there is no single player mode.

I tried copying levels of other mods a few months ago, and it took a lot of time, including adding all vehicles and statics.

I did end up with a private mod, containing 80 levels (4 gb lolz) , but my ex. harddrive crashed and I lost it :(

Anyways, only load the level in it's own mod, this to make sure everything is there.

A 15% crash means missing objects. You should try to load it in windowed mode.

Good luck ;)

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