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Flashbang Under Bf2142?


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So yes, we working on to implement a flash bang to the game, the effect of the grenade isnt the problam, but the blind effect to the player who get hit with it is the problam, any one know how could be done, how could be coded under BF2142 what you can see in BF2? would be a great help to us in mod developping.

Ice4smaster from Revenge of the Fallen team

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Didn't want to bump it this thread to post the answer.. Although, since it's bumped now..

Battlefield 2/mods/bf2/menu_server.zip/HUD/HudSetup/Basic/HudElementsPlayer.con

Scroll to the bottom and you'll see the strip that keeps the white blur on the screen.

Stuff it into your 2142 mod and see if it works.

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Uh, use the EMP red/blue visor distortion effect? Not quite 100% but very disconcerting and confusing. Plus in BF2142 they wear electronically operated helmets anyway which would protect against total blindness perhaps.

You can see in action on my BF2142 demo server, when you knife fight someone on my server (in the dedicated knife fight area around silo 4, for example). Anytime you swing your knife, it does an EMP effect on your vision and anyone elses vision close to you, osscilating with red/blue cop like flash and distortion static. I call it knife fighting on LSD.

Just use the same EMP detonation grenade code on your flash bang grenade. Look at the EMP grenade to see how its done. Also maybe if possible, add in double code for the smoke grenade. So you get both smoke explosion and EMP effect.

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