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To get rid of all those small threads; here are all my modding tools:

Handy tool collection #1

A few nice tools. This one is outdated, since many programs have been updated and improved.

Handy tool collection #2

The latest pack.

Undergrowth Displayer

Program can render .obj and .dds files into the scene using diversity, scale and size settings. Uses DirectX, if some components are not available it could crash upon startup.

Battlefield 2 Audio Converter

A simple tool I made for converting sounds (and video) to Battlefield 2 Audio formats, with the easiest GUI possible.

Can export to .wav and .ogg.

Battlefield 2 File generator v1.3

Battlefield 2 File generator v1.3 outputchange

Can generate and append templates to files. Use outputchange incase it can't save to your desktop.

Battlefield 2 Editor Starting Levels

A collection of pre-generated maps with surrounding terrain already made. Rename the levels before using them, obviously. :D

Battlefield 2 Atlas Builder

A GUI-wrapper around dice_TextureAtlasTool.exe. It allows you to drag and drop folders or files onto a list, set a few atlas settings and finally click on "Start atlas creation". Then it writes out the tac file and launches the texture atlas tool. When finished it opens the destination folder.

LPP Battlefield Collection

Download LPP Battlefield Collection v1.1 from FileFront

Download LPP Battlefield Collection v1.1 from FileAve

View changelog

View License

The ultimate source for all our programs. Most programs can be downloaded using this program.

.NET Framework

I have tried to exclude any items in the programs that require a framework version higher than 2.0. If you experience strange crashes when a dialogue opens or when it crashes with some sort of NET error, first try to update your .NET framework version.

Download .NET Framework v4.0 from Microsoft

Manual installation using MediaFire download links

The installers do not show any window and do not allow you to specify a path. It installs in the folder below the installer is located. (Made this way so the collection can install properly). To install programs manually, first make or find a folder where you want to install your programs. Then, make a new folder in this folder, preferably named "installers". Put your program setup(s) in here and run them. They then get installed in the folder below and a desktop shortcut is made.

See here the Mediafire link where all below programs can be found

The following programs can be downloaded using the LPP Battlefield Collection:

HUD editor v1.4.3

The HUD editor can display and edit Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 HUD's.

Download from FileFront

Important: textures

The installer installs textures in a library form (quality differs). To use custom mod textures, follow these steps:

Step 1

Browse to your mod folder.

Step 2

Open menu_client.zip and browse to "HUD\Texture"

Step 3

Copy the "Ingame" folder.

Step 4

Browse to the installation directory of the LPP collection.

Make a new folder in the installation directory called "Textures" if no "Textures" folder exists.

Step 5

Open "Textures" and paste the "ingame" folder in it.

Battlefield Kit Developer v1.1

Can edit, create and save kits. In addition, the weapon index function has been included.

Download from FileFront

Battlefield Level Renamer v1.35

Can rename levels in two ways: total rename and server-sided.

Download from FileFront

LPP Mod Launcher v1.24

Our very own mod launcher, packed with the latest set of launch options and mod settings.

Download from FileFront

Battlefield Tweaker v1.4

The Battlefield Tweaker, our best code editor software so far.

Download from FileFront

Battlefield Zipper v1.1

Can pack and unpack Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 archives, with filters, level pack and more!.

Download from FileFront

Level Resource Displayer v1.0

Level Resource Displayer can list all templates, sounds, textures and more used in a level.

Download from FileFront

Mesh Shader Wrapper v1.2

There are already some around, but our program focuses on texture editing with an easy to use gui and batch texture change support. It can load bundledmesh, staticmesh, skinnedmesh and terraindata.raw files.

Download from FileFront

Battlefield Archive Watcher v1.0

This program can completely replace the Battlefield Zipper. It can synchronize an archive with one or more folders. It automatically updates the archives if a file in one of the watched folders is edited. For example, if you edit a file in the editor and save it, the file(s) are saved in the correct archive automatically.

Download from FileFront

Battlefield 2 Debugger v1.0

This program can start Battlefield 2 in debug mode with arguments specified, read and close any error dialogs and log them.

Download from FileFront

If you need a certain tool or if you found any bug in one of my programs, post it here.

Other bf2/2142 tools scattered around

Here is a list of all programs/files made by others related to bf modding:

Battlefield 3dsMax Plugin

The plug-in you need for 3DS max to export bf meshes:

Download link for 3dsMax 6-8

Download link for 3dsMax 9

A fix by RexMan (can be it has been fixed in v0.30 already)

More information at BFEditor

More information at the POE forums

Battlefield GMax Plugin

The plug-in you need for Gmax to export bf meshes:

Download link for Gmax 1.2

Battlefield 2 TPaint by [PC]BF2C|Token

This program will do the basic painting of your map based on the map's heightmap.

Download bf2_tpaint v0.33

More information at BFeditor

More information at the publishers' website

Material Manager by mccae

A cool Wrapper around the bf2materials.exe by mccae, that supports multi-mesh editing and fixing and more. It requires the java SDK to be installed.

Download link BFMatMan

More information at BFEditor

Sound Tools package by mschoeldgen[Xww2]

Some cool sound tools if you ever need to convert sounds.

Download Bf2 Sound Tools

Battlefield Meshview by Remdul

A cool program that allows bf2/2142/1942 mesh display and some editing. Can export meshes as .obj WaveForm and much much more.

Download BFMeshView from publishers' website

More information at the publishers' website

More information at BFEditor

BF2142 Editor Fix by Dnamro

A registry script to be able to install the BF2 editor for BF2142.

Download BF2142_editor_fix.reg

More information at BFeditor

Battlefield 2 Editor Lightmap Samples

The lightmap files you need to properly generate (object) lightmaps for your level.

See the ReadMe in the zip-archive for install instructions.

Download BF2 Editor Lightmap Samples

That's the list for today. Have fun. ;)

Edited by bergerkiller
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Hey, nice tools =). I'm using the kit editor right now.

I'm having a problem wth the LPP Mod Launcher though... won't install.

I have BF2 installed to Program Files (x86)... the installer tells me to find the installation path but it only allows me to browse through Program Files.

Edited by TacoTacoTaco
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I updated the mod launcher. Improved the lay-out, solved the program files issue and added backup size indicator.

Now testing and improving some more.

--fixed level renamer "access denied" bug--

--Mod launcher has been fixed, improved gui, added some small changes--

Edited by bergerkiller
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Would you be able to add a browsing option to the kit developer so I can browse for my altered weapons and add them into my new kits =)?

Oh and it doesn't seem like theres any regular bf2 guns, only vanilla.. maybe you can add them too? If there was a browser that wouldn't really be necessary though.

Edited by TacoTacoTaco
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You can open a kit in it. Click "Open kit"

When done editing, click "save kit as" to create it into a certain directory.

To modify your mod kits, put the kit developer in your mod.

To modify your mod kits, set the working directory to your mod.

Your mod files must be unpacked in order for this program to detect them.

The kits must be in: objects\kits

The same counts for the weapons; it detects your mod weapons.

It simply loads all tweak files found in objects\weapons\handheld, and searches for possible firearms, including their index. If it finds a weapon, the same as a vanilla weapon, it uses the index displayed in your mod.

If you want to modify vanilla kits, you'll first have to add those kits in your mod. Or load them.

When you open a kit, and press save, the kit displayed in "processing" will get edited.

Edited by bergerkiller
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That 's not such a good idea, since Battlefield 2 would crash when the weapon doesn't exist.

I chose the save option, to only allow weapons which have been found.

I could add a mod select feature though.

Edited by bergerkiller
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  • 1 month later...

I uploaded a new version (1.31) of my level renamer. It can now rename levels without the importance of server.zip\client.zip.

Also removed some terminate reasons ("overgrowth.con is missing" as example)

You can now rename newly-made editor levels as well ;)

See the first post in this thread for the download link

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  • 1 month later...

The newest Mod Launcher (v1.2) is now downloadable using our LPP Battlefield Collection program.

This mod launcher supports both Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142.

It can set single player, general and launch settings giving you powerful control over your mods.

Also, information and backup features are included, to restore your settings quickly.

A nice gui, easy to understand and powerful.

The bf2142 level launch system is not completely tested, but it should work.

Next on the list: the kit developer.

Time to get rid of that "location importance" =P

Edited by bergerkiller
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Mmh vehicle cloning app, kinda like the template renamer

I'll add it in the next Battlefield Tweaker update ;)

First finishing off the kit developer for use in the collection. :P

have been working on the template renamer (pro version), and it is looking great! :D

This time you have total control over everything, it displays all template children, sounds, textures, meshes and animations.

And a single batch renamer can change all templates displayed in the list, so now there is:

- A single template\path rename editor

- A multi template\path rename editor

It displays the old and new paths, allowing me to add a "reset" button.

Anyhow, it can load templates fairly easy, so you can expect a new plug-in for the Battlefield Tweaker shortly. B)

Edited by bergerkiller
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Can you finish HUD editor first? That's the thing we need much of all. I am working on a completely new HUDs for jets, and I need to position multiple nodes at the same time. Oh, and WIP node editor has no save function. I need to manually copy-paste numbers.

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Mmh, I see the HUD editor is indeed one of the most important projects, and the most time consuming lol.

Let me first finish one of the first programs, so I can remove 'em from file front and populate the collection program :P


Finally got the breakthrough I needed.

The next HUD editor will look similar to the WIP one, but it will support multiple nodes:

The idea is to add a control containing all node info, instead of all those small variables. (which have a max node count of 100)

I'll add one part in the program rendering all control node items, so which is basically independent from the user controls.

This reduces lag, and only increases it on amount of nodes.

I could even add a "render\not render" function to reduce lag.

Anyhow, finally I can start working on one single part of the program which does all the rendering - instead of the everywhere present parts.

(Kit Developer uploaded for the program, just so you know =P)

Now working @ the HUD editor

Edited by bergerkiller
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OK People, I have some very good news!

My HUD Editor loaded a HUD today: successfully! :D

It displayed all nodes correctly (picture nodes only for now), so it can already load 'em! :P

As soon the Save Feature is implemented I shall Publish a WIP version :P

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OK People, I have some very good news!

My HUD Editor loaded a HUD today: successfully! :D

It displayed all nodes correctly (picture nodes only for now), so it can already load 'em! :P

As soon the Save Feature is implemented I shall Publish a WIP version :P

Fantastic can't wait dude!

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Hehe forgot to add a rotation feature. Today I suddenly found out (in the Anti Tank System (ATS) Hud) that picture nodes can be rotated.

So it will be waiting until that part is completely working :(

OK Both rotate versions have been added =P

To give you an idea how complicated the program is starting to become:

	Public Function RenderPictureNode(ByVal b As Bitmap, ByVal Angle As Integer, ByVal PosX As Integer, ByVal PosY As Integer, ByVal RotVarMidX As Integer, ByVal RotVarMidY As Integer, ByVal RotVarAngle As Integer, ByVal OffSetX As Integer, ByVal OffSetY As Integer) As Bitmap
	Dim returnBitmap As New Bitmap(800, 600)
	Dim g As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(returnBitmap)
	g.TranslateTransform(RotVarMidX + 400 + OffSetX, RotVarMidY + 300 + OffSetY)
	g.TranslateTransform(PosX - RotVarMidX - 400 + b.Width * 0.5, PosY - RotVarMidY - 300 + b.Height * 0.5)
	g.TranslateTransform(b.Width * -0.5, b.Height * -0.5)
	g.DrawImage(b, New Point(0, 0))
	Return returnBitmap
End Function

Anyhow, it is near a first WIP =P


And now it is, check the WIP showcase section :D

Edited by bergerkiller
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  • 4 weeks later...

Small program added: Level Resource Displayer.

An easy-to-understand program which allows you to view all textures, sounds, staticobjects, vegetation, spawned vehicles and more loaded and used in a Battlefield 2 or Battlefield 2142 level.

Very nice if you want to make your own "giant multi level private mod" and want to use the good looking leves found everywhere.

Have fun with this new program :P

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  • 4 weeks later...

Prog was down some time, but now ready for downloading:

Mesh Shader Wrapper.

This new program focuses on mesh texture renaming and fixing.

It supports:

- Single Texture Processing

- Batch Texture Processing

- Professional processing with techniques and shader settings.

- Texture browse feature

- Auto path fix and multi texture path fix.

- Save as feature and read-only files can be saved.

- Easy gui: drag and drop the mesh onto the window/program/shortcut and it loads the stuff you need.

- No longer those long list of textures, batch mode allows you to change multiple textures at once! :D

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  • 1 month later...

The newest Battlefield LPP Collection is published. ;)

We improved the gui and added description for the available updates.

Most important, we also uploaded our newest program: The Battlefield Archive Watcher.

It can sync folders with multiple archives. A must-have if you want your mod to be ready to play directly after saving in the editor. No more packing and unpacking trouble! :D

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  • 1 month later...

One tip: remove "Successfully renamed" message from template renamer. When renaming tons of effects (i am making jet draft effect from heli one), clicking Ok eats some time.

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  • 1 month later...

Could you add a progress bar to the Archive Watcher?

I used it today and after it packed all the stuff into the .zips, it kept cycling in between "updating objects_client" and "updating objects_server" forever then finally crashed on me, dunno if its something on my side.

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