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[solved] Terrain Dissapears After Apply Spline


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i made some tests and i think i have the solution to this problem !

but of course it would be better if some more will test it just to be sure !

1. take a map and create a road, DONT SAVE and apply spline !

2. take the same map and create a road, SAVE and apply spline !

i had the issue that everytime i didnt save the terrain dissappears !

cause im not as good in english i cant explain what i think that is the problem but

i know that the roadname.mesh has to do sth with it

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I've only had it on my laptop which had a Nvidia 8800 GT I think.

My 2 PC's with ATI cards have never had this problem, I suspect a memory problem.

Catbox, it happens when you make a spline on a mountain or something and apply spline to make a flat slope going up the hill for example.

All the terrain just dissapears.

Glad I don't get it now.

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