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My latest map, BF2 custom.

Pictures and a short intro can be found under the following link:

hells_canyon_v2_swirl intro

Map name: hells_canyon_v2_swirl

Map size: 2048 x 2048

Armies: Team 1: MEC, Team 2: US

Map theme: Grassland, Canyon, Mesa

Game modes:

  • Conquest 64 players,

  • Coop 64 players,

  • Singleplayer

Map download:

You have to register first to be able to access the Download section.


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No jets? I think you must add 2 airstrips at emergency exit point and one southern to aztechnology base. And I can see some flat areas on the north of the map, add some ones there too and it will be great map!

Some variations in ground color would be nice too. See vanilla maps for reference.

btw: bridge on 4th pic looks weird and thin - try to replace it with that big iron bridge from Kubra.

I like the fog distance. It's nearly 1000 meters, right?

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registering is easier though :lol:

For you lol

Ok, looks good, couple of suggestions, change the amb tree colour from the default black, and the terrain seems a little dark for the light settings. Oh, and do you have envmaps for the water or is it only medium lightmaps?

Looking good though mate.

Edited by [EoD]Junglist

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Thanks for the suggestions Junglist, I really did not change the tree amb from the default... I will include this on the next maps. The dark terrain is intentional, as the light theme is dawn, not bright desert sand and I reduced the shadows/color there a bit. The envmap for the water is included and the lightmaps were already run on final - the reflections don't show very well on the screenshots.

Airplanes are not intended for this map, only the heli support. It should be more like "work hard for your flags, don't bomb from the sky" ;) . The bridge will bear a tank without collapsing ;) and a bigger bridge would only get in the way at this position.

Fog distance is close to 1000, 950 to be exact.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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Looks like an intresting map! I like the terrain and Minimap.

But it seems like the roads are not showing everywhere, so "Build all final roads" before you make the minimap

Though, I have some difficulties when mappers are mixing palm trees and pine trees on the same map....

Edited by tga-Harry

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