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Cheytac M200 Intervention Sniper


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Ok so I decided to take a crack at weapon modeling. I first though there would be a good donwload, and there was, but it was way to high poly 67, 000 :S. So using it as a blue print i decided it would be a good idea to remodle. Now I have no idea how i am going to texture it to make it look professinal like BF2 but i will at least take a crack at modeling here is what i have so far.








UPDATE, added the nozzle, silencer, made some more detail to the body. Still not that smooth though. Any tips?












Added the little / thing near the trigger, added legs and used an extruded square with corner radius as a boolean and made a cylinder for the inside to add the extra detail to the main box. Not exactly sure what the box and cylinder does (could be bullet) but it is needed, rest could be done using normal maps.

This model is now 2,443 verticies

UPDATE: Added Base Texture towards the gun, looking remotely similar to this picture




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nice work so far mate...keep it go!


1 small thing that concerns me is the stabiliser arm bracket that mounts onto the barrel,due to its thickness it will most likely create flickering,make the bracket and barrel 1 piece,it will slightly increase the poly count but its better than flickering.


simple fix and problem area...


direct link...



as for making good textures...

1.dont be afraid to use lots and lots of layers in photoshop,some layers may do very little but they all add up.

2.look into render to texture and baking ambient occlusion,makes a big difference...(poe jilted posted a tutorial here on ambient occlusion)

3.a healthy uvmap is always important.

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Ok. New updates are to come, such as more detail in the box. Oh and how do I "Fake" detail in the box cause it is sharp say



that part to a smooth transition such as a smooth rather than a sharp? Is there some way with smoothing groups ?

oh and in http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/5382/sniperpolyfix1.jpg It is not a 2d it is 3d if I hit extrude it just makes it thicker. It isn't like a spline that is converted to edible poly. OK once I have finished the model i will UVW unwrap and texture.

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Hmm it does say, however, to make it exactly in position. Thats the thing. How do you remodel the whole thing EXACLY in possition and hi-poly? Do I have to remodel the whole thing again? Or can I use turbosmooth?

I have the original mesh, which i used as a blueprint (but was heaps high poly) But it is very detailed. WIll it stuff up if I use that cause it is not correctly in position?

MESHSMOOTHING just makes the WHOLE thing very ugly and deformed so how do u convert low>high?

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No, its easier than that. First you have to make sure of a clean UVMap ( no overlaps and everything in the first tile ) in the low-poly model. The high poly model stays at it is and doesn't need an uvmap.

Scale the high poly model so that it just encloses the lowpoly model. Make sure of resetted scales and transforms for both models.

Now you are ready to use either program to generate the bump map.

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So, with your method, You are saying to get the original model use that as the high poly? The High poly model may do the trick but it looks less smooth and more chunky than mine. Plus I changed the scope from the High Poly model because my scope was better. Will this affect it in anyway. But, can't Photoshop create normal maps? Or is 3ds max the best way to go?

Last thing, I have found another model for this weapon and It is detailed and super poly (500,000) or something like that. Anyway, It looks different to mine because the stock is different the trigger handel is different shape and I don't think it could compare to mine. Im not sure I could use that model because the differences are great but is that allowed?

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Of course PS can generate bumps from textures - but not from models. The trick here is to use the highly detailed model for creating a bump map which you then use on your lowpoly model to virtually increase the detail without actually adding polies.

But the first step anyway is a clean unwrap of your lowpoly model , preferably with the Flatten Mapping function so that no overlaps occur and uv coordinates are all in range.

If your high-poly model comes with textures you could even shoot renders from it to create your weapon texture sheets. .

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So if i grab both models and go flatten mapping it will work? But what if flatten mapping is randomised and one texture is off? I guess I will only normal map the parts that are very similar. So no normal map for scope (possible remodel high poly?) Is that correct?

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No, you'll never need to unwrap the highpoly model , nor does it need a texture . Only the lowpoly ( ingame ) model needs to be unwrapped and textured.

The bump map is then created by projecting the highpoly details onto the bump for the lowpoly model.

Have a look at the instructions for the ATI normal mapper or Nvidia's 'Melody' to get the idea.

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Ok, I have come back to Intervention after trying to lightmap my shipment. I really wish you could Lightmap terrain in 3ds max because I think my editor stops workign as soon as I ALT-TAB or bring up the screensaver.

THE TEXTURE (still needs working but base colours are there)


THE TEXTURED MODEL (Edges need a little fix up)


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