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I am hoping to release a new map soon, but am having a problem with the menu maps for the levels they are assigned to. I have 3 single player levels. When I load BF2 and select Single Player, all 3 levels are present in the available map list and their corresponding menuMaps are shown correctly. But once the SP_32 or the SP_64 level starts to load, the Conquest_ 32 or Conquest_64 menuMap is displayed instead of the single player menuMap that was just shown previously.

I wanted to have different layouts for the Conquest_32 and CQ_64 levels so that I could utilize areas of the map that are outside the navmehed portion, but if the menuMaps are not going to display correctly, then I will have to settle for the conquest levels being the same as the SP and Coop.

I've found nothing here about this, and nothing at the SinglePlayer forums either. I looked in the Info folders of some AIX levels since they provide 3 single player levels and I have copied their .desc file text into my own. I have the same 9 menuMaps as they use. What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated. I am so close to releasing the new map I can taste it. :)

This new map is a BF2 level, not AIX. At least, not yet. :rolleyes:

The SP_16, CQ_16, and CoOp_16 levels are all the same.

The SP_32 and CoOp_32 are the same.

The SP_64 and CoOp_64 are the same.

I want the CQ_32 and CQ_64 to be different than thier SP versions if possible.

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The menu maps are created by capturing the loading screen image before you join the map.

Start the map in the game mode you need the menu map for (Conquest 16, 32, 64, Co-Op 16,......), take a screenshot of the map. Then resize the image to 512 by 512 size and save it as an .dds file with the correct menumap you want to create. Rename the file extension from the .dds to .png. Copy the image file to your map's Info folder.

The different images require that you defined the combat areas for each game mode previously in the Editor properly of course.

I usually use Cropper for the image capturing as a programm if you are also looking for a good image capture programm.

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@caliban55: Erm, i don't think thats the question. There's a lot of ways to create the menumap and everybody does it a bit different. E.g. BF2's vanilla screens are heavily photoshopped.

@[TLB]stickman: Yes, there's a lot of strange effects in the gamemode/menuMap relation . Who would expect that the menumap for SP_64 is called 'sp1_64_menuMap' instead of 'sp3_64_menuMap' and so on. As there's a lot of miscoded properties in the menumap system and no chance of a fix 'cause DICE would break their own maps we simply have to live with it.

For your reference here's a list of the accepted initial menuMap filenames. While loading , it always switches to the CQ screens, though (and thats your problem ) :







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Thanks ms,

If it's just a problem during the loading process and the correct munuMaps display correctly in-game, then I can still have totally different layouts for the different modes. That would be great since I want to use an area of the map in the Conquest_64 mode that is beyond the SinglePlayer_64 combat zone boundary (navmeshed area).

I just need to design 3 "generic" menuMaps for the conquest mode images, something that shows the basic minimap image with perhaps some text or a logo superimposed over it to conceal variations between modes.

"As there's a lot of miscoded properties in the menumap system and no chance of a fix 'cause DICE would break their own maps we simply have to live with it. "

Is this problem specific to the bf2 mod, and not to custom mods? I thought I saw nine different menuMap images in some of the AIX levels? Just curious. :unsure:

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Yes - the menumaps can be different ( and to workaround problems with BF2ServerLauncher ) you should supply them all if your map supports CQ, COOP and SP, especially if your map uses the 64'er size for COOP and SP . ( ServerLauncher ignores that mode and will always launch your map in 32'er size :angry: )

If AIX shows different screens for CQ and SP while map loading you should have a look at their files. Either they managed to patch the menu SWF or you were mislead .

Maybe clivewil has the answer :P

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The thing probably, is that the SP games are set as CQ with ai=1 instead of being the sp1/2/3 gamemodes..

If its set as CQ with ai=1 there probably is no fix for it..

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Yeah, well - yes and no :P

Everything does work as expected when your ai="1" property is in the first map ( Size 16 ) as it is in all of the vanilla maps. Its only when you have that different that the menu tends to behave strange.

A map supporting e.g. SinglePlayer only in the 64'er size will not show properly in the 'Multiplayer' maplist if you miss the 'sp3' mode in the *.desc file.

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