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Stamp, Align & Nudge - Handy Tips


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Ok, so firstly you should be familiar with the editor before reading this.

Lets start with Stamp & Align...

Ok, so sometimes ligning up objects can be a pain...

If you don't know how that is, so firstly lets look at how we can make things easier & quicker.

So in the picture below you will see I have selected a corner of a wall.

You can see the x/y/z marker is highlighted, now in the "Editor Bar" on the right of the editor you will see stamp & align buttons. If you select the corner, then hit stamp this will be the point that things are aligned to when you hit align.

Now, the problem is, they will be aligned to the x/y/z marker which is ok if you want to align to that side of the corner, not very helpful if you want to align to the other side!


Now another problem as we can see in image 2 below is that the markers are not always on the side we want.

When we stam & align it will align the new items x/y/z marker to the stamped items x/y/z marker.


Now, select the corner and hit stamp.

Then select the wall piece and hit align.

You should end up with something like this...


Ooooops, not what we want is it! Well it has aligned the sides up nicely which we do want, so now hold down the red arrow and drag the wall to the left. Make sure to leave a gap between the wall and the corner, we will fix & close that using a handy tip...

Now, with the wall selected, hold down the shift key on your keyboard and push one of the arrow buttons at the same time, this nudges the selected item one way or another, depending on which arrow you press!!!

Neat ay?

It gets better, hold the shift key on your keyboard and push the page up or page down button on your keyboard to nudge the item up or down!

Well, now scroll your mouse wheel forward and do the same, it nudges it more in one way. Scroll the wheel towards you then nudge again and it nudges it less!!!

Now scroll your mouse wheel, loads towards you to slow down the nudge and nudge the wall until the gap is perfecly closed right up to the corner as in the image below...


Ok, clever cloggs I hear you say, now what if I want to align to the other side, theres no x/y/z marker that side like in the image below...


Well that's easy too.

Now lets go back a few steps. See the image below of the wall corner, well I've selected the rotate button. Now by left clicking and holding one of the coloured lines you can drag the corner round in circles, which way depends on which line you click and hold.

Now, if you right click on one of those lines, it will rotate it clockwise by exactly 90, do it again and it will rotate another 90.


Now what we want to do is to rotate the wall corner into this position, using the right click on the rotate so the marker is on the same side as the new wall we are going to align, like so...


Don't worry about the first wall not being aligned! We'll put it back soon.

Now once again click stamp while the corner is selected and align on the new wall and you will get something like this...


Now, rotate the wall back to it's original position so it is aligned with the first wall again, then using the nudge function we just learned move the new wall into position, so you now have a perfectly aligned corner with 2 walls, tat!


Now, another handy tip to remember is that while an object is selected, either with the rotate or move button, you can double click that object to bring up its position box, here you can manually add values to align things if you want to do it the hard way!


The nudge feature works just as well on other items such as brickwalls & brick pillars & bridges too.




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