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Hello everyone

Hereby I present the HUD editor WIP version.

In this version only Picture Nodes are supported, and:

- Multi node support

- Coloring, sizing, positioning, sizing and rotating

- Single node render enable\disable check boxes

- Loading HUD's Picturenodes

- Saving current scene Text Files, in bf2 HUD coding (program can read them)

- 800 x 600 screen resolution

- Background Support and reference cross (not yet overlay)

- .dds and .tga texture load support (thanks to FreeImage plug-in)

All GUI parts are almost finished.

One big notice: to make your own HUD's you do have to edit them manually.

With this I mean, placing the Nodes in splitnodes.

This WIP gives a clear picture of how it will look like (eventually).


Just unpack the 'HUD Editor' folder and place all your menu textures in "HUD Editor\Textures"

Download WIP HUD Editor

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good work bergerkiller!...i'm sure alot of peeps will like this,even more when its complete.

we all hate doing huds manually,the routine is a killer...edit hud file,save,load game,load map,walk to vehicle,test hud,take screenie,exit game,get screenie,resize screenie,get co-ords,edit hud file...and your back at the start...avoiding that loop will be great!!!.


thanx mate,i'll give it a try in the morning...sleepy time.

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Hehe I'm astonished of myself :lol:

Today I managed to rotate the picture using in screen drag.

A 3 hour long maths project with tangents :P

Now working ; you can rotate the node to where the mouse cursor is.

It rotates quite smooth: a giant tv HUD texture is rotated almost without lag :D

Now I even managed to fit a torque bar exactly next to the jet window, what kind of cool HUD's can you already make with it?!

Next on the todo list: Variables and variable simulator


My first HUD :D


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Haven no idea what you mean with that lol :P

Anyways, simulator is working as well.

Now making the simulate variable lists. (As example vehicle angle)

It first renders all frames and then plays all the frames as a movie, so it is a smooth video, even with all nodes simulated ;)

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  • 1 month later...

Nice work, but it doesn't work for me ;)

As soon as I try open a folder with textures (tga, dds..) the program crashes.

I'm on Window 7 64Bit

Maybe this one helps you..

Fehlerbucket 1015141428, Typ 5

Ereignisname: CLR20r3

Antwort: Nicht verf├╝gbar

CAB-Datei-ID: 0


P1: picture node.exe


P3: 4b44b94c

P4: FreeImageNET


P6: 4ab0f7dc

P7: 666

P8: 2f

P9: System.BadImageFormatException


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  • 1 month later...

Crashes here to, upon entering some directories. I have a feeling its .png named .dds files causing it. I'm using windows XP.

Thanks for telling me. Forgot to include a safe way of loading textures. :o


Ok secured in the new version.

BTW I am rebuilding it (due to messy code) so it may take some time until you can download the first WIP version. :(


Great news. I finally managed to make a text node! I completely left out the font part, since bf2 only uses the vehicle font. Rebuild everything including the simulator, to the new version. Also added a bounding selection square and much more.

Only thing that is currently bothering me is the "show variable" and the "position variable", since nodes can interact with eachother in bf2. (As example the hover node uses a picture node for display)

Anyways, it looks good.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I cant wait until you finish this! I am so tired of trying to align images with code alone. Goodwork man. Also, the first version crashes for me aswell when I attempt to load graphics.

Will the completed verion have support for creating target markers like air and ground tracking?

hudBuilder.createObjectMarkerNode 		F35HeatHud F35Marker 0 0 2048 2048
hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTexture 		0 Ingame\Vehicles\Icons\Hud\Air\Attack\F15\HeatSeeking\lockBoxFriendly.tga
hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTexture 		1 Ingame\Vehicles\Icons\Hud\Air\Attack\F15\HeatSeeking\lockBox.tga
hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTexture 		2 Ingame\Vehicles\Icons\Hud\Air\Attack\F15\HeatSeeking\lockBoxLocked.tga
hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTexture 		3 Ingame\Vehicles\Icons\Hud\Land\Tunguska\rangeLine.tga
hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTextureSize	0 32 32
hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTextureSize	1 32 32
hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTextureSize	2 64 64
hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeTextureSize	3 16 256
hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeObjects 		4
hudBuilder.setObjectMarkerNodeWeapon 		1
hudBuilder.setNodeColor		 		0 0.8 0 1

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Time for a status update:

- Added selection squares and its manipulating features

- Node copy, cut and paste feature (yay cut and paste nodes around)

- Node treeview selection

- Save and load feature

- "failed lines" report. Can come in handy for HUD compatibility testing

- Simulator scripts

- Background and overlay images

- Endless amount of nodes are supported!!! (I tested with 200 nodes, you can manipulate smoothly :P )

- Node support for:

- Split nodes

- Picture Nodes

- Compass Nodes

- Text Nodes

- Bar Nodes

- Load and save support will be/is added for:

- the above nodes

- Hover Node

- ObjectMarker Node

- List Node

The program is quite awesome, more advanced than my first posted pic.

here some screenshots: :D





It can not yet edit nodes like marker nodes because I have to write rendering scripts for (ALL) those nodes.

This takes long, especially if I need to render multiple targets at once.

Load and save will be added, so you can open and save HUD's without code loss.

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When I say "unpack menu textures" I mean to do the following:

1. Open up menu_client.zip

2. Open subfolder "HUD"

3. Open subfolder "Texture"

4. Copy/extract the "Ingame" folder into the HUD editor "textures" folder.

5. Done.

The HUD editor uses .con texture paths from the "textures" folder in the HUD editor.

So if you load a texture like: "Ingame\Vehicles\Icons\Hud\Air\Attack\Ah1z\Ah1z_compas.tga"

It loads the texture at:

"HUD editor\Textures\Ingame\Vehicles\Icons\Hud\Air\Attack\Ah1z\Ah1z_compas.tga"

Note on texture loading:

If it fails to find the .tga version it loads the .dds version.

So if it can't find "Ah1z_compas.tga" but can find "Ah1z_compas.dds" then it loads "Ah1z_compas.dds"

Opposite counts as well.


In the new version you can also put the "ingame" folder directly with the HUD editor. Then it finds them as well.

One question though:

Is it allowed to add bf2 (texture (atlas)) content into the HUD editor installer? :huh:

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A pointless node that shows when as example you are hovering stationary in a helicopter.

It's the "awesome" oval shaped picture that appears. :D


It's time for the first WIP.

Download HUD editor wip version 2

I included the bf2 textures used, if you want to use it for bf2142 please add the textures of bf2142 in the "textures" folder. :P

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Much has changed, so here is WIP version 2:

HUD editor WIP 2

New features and fixes compared to the previous WIP":

- "XP texture path error" fixed

- Drag and drop support to move nodes to a new parent (in the treeview)

- GUI index render selection works

- GUI index is automatically selected when trying to load an un-rendered node

- Arrow key node moving now supported

- "SHOW" dialog for splitnodes added to change guiindices

- Fixed overall bugs; minor and large :P

So it can finally display the f18 and f15 hud properly!!! :D

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Yep that's the XP texture bug I fixed in the latest WIP version :D

It can't load textures because it couldnt find them. Had to change all relative paths to fixed to solve it.

Try the latest version and see if it helps.


I hope the bit-version of the OS is not an influence here... :o

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Ow got some bad news :(

I checked the website of the "FreeImage" library I use in my program to load (.dds, .tga and other) textures.

It seems the library only works on 32 bit versions of Windows... :angry:

So...I'll have to find an "image loading extension" that works on both 32 and 64 bit versions. :o

Of course I can convert all textures into texture image libraries so you can still use them, but it would take away the functionality of using your own textures...

Anyways, for now 64 bit versions of Windows are not supported... :(


Still working on a log system for the HUD editor. In the 3rd WIP you can post the log of the HUD editor if it fails at some point.

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  • 11 months later...

See the final showcase section, the latest version is in there. Since 64 bit systems can't load the dds files I added texture libraries instead, which contain bf2/bf2142 textures. If you want to add your own, convert your texture(s) to a readable format (png/gif/bmp/jpg) and add that to the library using the library creator. (Settings dropdown).

As far I believe the program works on 64 bit systems, except for the texture loading part.

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