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Here is a map I finished a while ago for BF2. It's a fairly large map, but you can always grab a vehicle to reach points of interest. Hope you will enjoy the map.


Map name: revelation_swirl

Map size: 2048 x 2048

Armies: Team 1: MEC, Team 2: US

Map theme: Hills, water, city

Game modes:

  • Conquest 64 players,

  • Coop 64 players,

  • Singleplayer

Map download:

revalation_swirl download

You have to register in the forum to access the download section first.

Here are a few images for the map.






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Thanks for the positive feedback. The map is mainly for Co-Op mode, altough it can be played in Conquest and Singleplayer also of course, so the number of CPs should be OK. The bots also want some fun in there ;) .Quite a few CPs are inside buildings or on upper levels (roofs, walkway for example). Agreed, it is not a map were you can dig in in a position and let the enemies come to you, or fly in a plane/heli. You have to activley work on capturing the CPs.

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