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[info] Stair Gradients & Info


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This is some common info here for static modellers and the like who are modelling stairs and need to keep in mind the max gradients players can climb stairs with the normal stair material etc. Also putting this up here as I am constantly forgetting what angles players can climb and can't so I dont have to do testing each time I come to make stairs :P

Just a quick explanation on how stairs work ingame for anyone who doesn't know. Stairs are visually just steps you walk up and down just like real life, like this one on my container crane:


But really all they are is simply a ramp that a player can climb up and down, if we view the player col mesh we can see this.


This ramp has a unique material set to it called a stair material that enables players to climb grater gradients than they would otherwise be able to and these materials dont have to be used just on stairs, they can be used on other gradients too like a small invisible ramp on the edge of a pavement/sidewalk to help them get onto it.

Anyways enough on that, onto the max Gradients a player can climb:

Slope with a Non-Stair Materials like dirt: ("Grass", "Dirt", "Concrete", "Wood", "Sand", etc.) [Results may vary slightly for each material]

Can climb "comfortably" upto 40º

Can just climb with a slight struggle somewhere between 40º and 45º

Can not climb 45º

Stairs with Normal Stair Materials: ("Stairs_concrete", "Stairs_metal", "Stairs_wood")

Can climb "comfortably" upto 50º

Can just climb with a slight struggle upto 55º

Can not climb 60º

Stairs with Special "Stair Steep" Materials: ("Stair_Steep_Metal" {Custom Material})

Can climb "comfortably" upto 60º

Can just climb with a slight struggle somewhere between 60º and 65º

Can not climb 65º

Note: You shouldn't use a gradient on your stairs that a player will struggle to climb up unless 100% necessary.

Hope you all find this useful :)

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