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Booster Content Not Showing In Game.


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I've had a quick search but couldn't find anything. When I place a truck from say "objects/staticobjects/america/vehicles/..." it shows in the editor but I'm getting nothing in game.

I remember having a similar problem long long ago with something else. But it was so long ago I can't remember at all how to fix it.

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that kinda stuff is getting loaded from the "boosters_client/server" not the "objects_client/server".

so, you need to change the directory its getting loadet from, or you pack the object directly into your map and run it via tmp.com or init.con.

hope that helps...

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Add a server and clientarchives.con to your map loading files from booster.zips ie.

you do not need that stuff at all...

just put the folders of the truck (from the boosters_client and _server) into your map.

like yourmap/objects/staticobjects/america/vehicles/...

then you also need the textures for the truck in the same direction like their layinbg in the boosters_client (america_c etc) take a look into the staticmesh.con which textures are used.

when you are packing your map with the editor, it will put the right files into the right spot.

create a tmp.com with the line

run objects/staticobjects/america/vehicles/yourtruck/yourtruck.con

thats it. your truck should now show up ingame.

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Eh, that means you need to pack the content into your map and increase its size 10x times, when you could just reference it from the already existing files.

I added a ClientArchives and ServerArchives with ../bf2/. Still no luck :/

Did you pack them into the server.zip?

Maybe try this

fileManager.mountArchive levels/yourmap/Booster_client.zip Objects

If you're running the map under a custom mod, add these lines to mod's client and server archives.con

fileManager.mountArchive Booster_client.zip Objects

fileManager.mountArchive Booster_server.zip Objects

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Ok, sussed it.

FYI: the editor can't handle them and doesn't save them. To get them to work you must enter them manually. I suggest doing this last as saving objects with the editor again is likely to remove the EF objects.

In the following example is for statics, object spawners should also work if put in manually but I didn't test it.

1: Go to the appropriate .con file (StaticObjects.con or Gameplay.con) in the appropriate directory within your maps folder.

2: In the editor, place the object and moved placed where you want double click its axis to get the Absolute Position

3: In the appropriate .con file (for a static) enter at the top e.g. "run /objects/vehicles/xpak2_vehicles/xpak2_musclecar/xp2_musclecar_01.con"

4: Now at the bottom add this replacing the Absolute Co-ordinates as seen in the editor.

rem *** xp2_musclecar_01 ***

Object.create xp2_musclecar_01

Object.absolutePosition X/Y/Z

Object.rotation X/Y/Z

Object.layer 1

Layer will of course be the layer you want it in, for statics this is 1.

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