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hey there! well, the past few month ive started a few mapping projects and operation_gatecrasher is the first of em which is done.

the map is pretty large as it is a scale 4 (4km) map, thast why i keept it very simple with the layout...

i did a couple of statics for that map, like ammo and health/repair caches for booth sides (ch and us).

the enterable buildings also come with col3 meshes - so dont try to hide from the bots in the buildings as it makes no sense - they'll get cha anyway :P

i also includet in the map's folder that AI-tool (dunno who did it - thx mate!) for vBF2, so put the bots level on some like 35-40 players per side for getting an intense battle!

as the map is pretty large it wouldnt make that much sense to play with 16players singleplayer :lol:

added the littlebird for the usa and the wz11 fir the chinese troops. (thx to bubbles for helping me with the AI stuff for booth helos)

statics made by me:








download links:





greets and have fun!

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first time i downloaded it it was corrupt with a exe inside

one more try was hoping it would be a good addition to the next release.

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i reinstalled bf2 and the tools a few days ago. still have a lot of unfinished stuff laying around on my harddrives <_<

overworked one of my never finished maps 'al madinah' and did the maps navmesh today.

the maps coop is pretty fun :D





the map still needs some small fixes and tweaks, but i'll post some links asap!

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Sweet, Nice work as always TS! You wouldn't by any chance be interested in doing some work for PR again? We've got some mappers that could really use your help with making statics :D I can understand if you don't want to thou.

Cheers! :D

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al madinah is already done, fixing some stuff on harvest right now and i also got another map nearly finished :)

keep in mind all three maps are done with 99% custom statics, still need to fix some col3's....

gonna post some links to the files asap!


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ok guys, harvest's navmesh is done too.

some teasing screens again:




now iam on the next maps navmesh, i can see a nice mappack on the horizon ! :)

i guess i gonna finish all my never-released map i started in the past.

all maps come with 99% custom statics :lol:

mappack should contain around 4-6 maps.

surely will take a few more weeks, but i think its worth as i spend 100's of hours creating

tons of statics...

ill keep ya updated!

greets, sb

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