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Make a pattern with the lines, and use it to fill in a selection. You would then do a 2nd one with the slightly different colour on the outside edge, and blend them with a mask. Then use images from the ingame files to make the flags :).

That's how I'd do it anyway, would probably take about 10-20min (if you already had the pattern made ofc)

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I made a complete set of red bars in a PSD once, along with a full set of flags.. I can see if i can find it to you if you want.

Edit: Ah, here it is: http://www.tne.dk/Loadmap%20tutorial.zip

But it was made when i first started out playing with photoshop, so the quality might not be as good as if i re-did it now..

All of it is pretty easy to do yourself, but this is a small shortcut if you want. Imo, my bars look more like the real ones than the file already floating around the forums, but thats just my opinion :)

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